7 Things to Do in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

things to do in your second trimester of pregnancy Many (but by no means, not all) women find the first trimester of pregnancy rather unpleasant, but by the second trimester, all becomes right with the world again. By the fourth, fifth and sixth months of pregnancy, you should have:

  • more energy
  • passed through the worst of the morning sickness
  • begun to really get your head around the fact that you’re having a baby.

The second trimester of pregnancy has its own enjoyable unique characteristics, not the least of which is that you haven’t yet begun the third trimester with all its aches and pains!

Enjoy the sweet spot in the middle of pregnancy, with the following 7 things to do to get the most out of your second trimester:

1. Flaunt Your Fuller Hair

By this part of your pregnancy, your hair has begun to grow more thick and full. Be forewarned, after you give birth, it will start to fall out. So while you have it, flaunt it.

Find some fun new hair styles to try with your longer, thicker, fuller hair. Experiment with hair accessories and practice ways to make easy, stylish tresses.

2. Get Noticeable Nails

The hormone surges responsible for your thicker, fuller, glossier hair are also the same ones making your fingernails stronger and longer. After baby arrives, you won’t have time for manicures like you do now (and who needs to wear nail art while they’re changing diapers all day?).

The second trimester is the time to enjoy your beautiful fingernails. Whether you paint your own nails at home or head out to the salon for your manicure, choose a pregnancy-safe nail polish to avoid absorbing carcinogens and toxins into your bloodstream.

3. Glow, Baby, Glow

The pregnancy acne that’s so common during the first trimester may have calmed down by now and the increased blood through your body and hormones are creating that famous “pregnancy glow.” Enjoy how little make up you need at this stage of pregnancy and just let your natural beauty shine.

In order to prevent “the mask of pregnancy” from putting out your pregnancy glow, protect your natural shine with a pregnancy safe sunblock.

4. Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

If you haven’t begun your pregnancy stretch marks prevention regimen, the second trimester is the time.

Get a stretch mark oil and use it in the mornings after bathing. Use a companion body butter or stretch mark cream in the evenings before going to bed.

Enjoy the process of moisturizing by getting Daddy in on the oil application, and remind him that he needs to rub it onto your belly, hips, thighs, bottom and breasts.

5. Get It On

Although not all women experience the “second trimester turn on,” it turns out that many women feel friskier and sexier in the middle stages of pregnancy. Frequent sex dreams and feeling frequently and more easily aroused is common during this time.

Again, the increased blood flow and hormones are largely to credit, making genitalia more sensitive and leading to more intense feelings of sexual arousal. Plus, you’re feeling better in the second trimester and no longer using contraceptives during sex.

6. Dress Pregnant, Not Fat

Many women gain a little weight in the first trimester or have a little tummy that’s easily be mistaken for minor weight gain. Dressing your pregnant body in the first trimester often requires tunic tops and other loose clothing that really just makes you look heavier, rather than pregnant.

By the second trimester, however, you’ll actually get a full baby bump and, darn, you’re just going to *have* to go shopping for new clothes. Enjoy choosing more contour-hugging tops and dresses now, and having people know that you’re becoming a mom.

7. Travel Now

The discomforts of the first trimester of pregnancy usually keep women at home and in bed, battling with fatigue and morning sickness, when they’re not working or otherwise trying to carry on with their lives. In the third trimester, you’ll start to face restrictions on travel.

The second trimester is the best time to hit the road, hop on a plane, and have a footloose- and fancy-free vacation before your little bundle of joy arrives.

Have a wonderful second trimester of pregnancy and enjoy the journey!

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