How to Use a Saliva Ovulation Predictor Kit

Saliva Ovulation Predictors (Saliva Fertility Tests)

When a woman is about to ovulate, her saliva begins to form a distinct fern-like pattern due to an increase in the level of salt and estrogen. This visible ferning pattern begins to appear around 3 to 4 days prior to ovulation. Ovulation microscopes – or saliva fertility tests – allow you to predict ovulation by viewing the changes in the make up of your saliva prior to ovulation.

With the saliva-based ovulation fertility tests, just add a drop of saliva to the lens and let the sample dry. In five minutes, view the sample through the microscope. Note for new users: Remember that you need to press the LED light button and focus by turning the eyepiece of the microscope. If you are ovulating – or about to ovulate – a ferning, crystal-like pattern can be identified when examined under the power of the microscope, helping you predict fertile or infertile times in your cycle.

Saliva Fertility Monitor
Image 3 indicates peak fertility.
Compact and easy to use, ovulation microscopes are reusable and allow women to see a unique pattern in their saliva called “ferning” (due to the fact that the crystal patterns look like ferns leaves). Based on the increase or decrease of the hormone estrogen, this ferning pattern looks like frost on a windowpane (see image). This pattern develops in saliva around the time of ovulation. A woman simply places a drop of saliva onto the microscope lens, allows it to dry, and reads the result.

Kathleen Fry, M.D., president of the American Holistic Medical Association states: “This new and exciting system works.” And Christiane Northrup, M.D., gynecologist and the author of the best-selling book “Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Bodies,” reports, “This simple and empowering tool allows women to learn about and take charge of their own fertility. I recommend it highly.”

Saliva Ovulation Fertility Predictor Instructions:

Tip #1 Test first thing in the morning. Never test after eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing teeth.

Tip #2 Clean the lens before using the test. Place a drop of saliva from under your tongue on the lens surface. Leave it to dry for at least five minutes.

Tip #3 Remember to take off your glasses when viewing the test – and remember the lens can be focused by rotating the eye-piece.

1 – Carefully remove the lens by pulling it out of the casing.

2 – Place a drop of saliva on the surface of the lens. Avoid creating air bubbles.

3 – Allow the saliva sample to dry for at least five minutes and replace the lens into the housing. The saliva must be dry before viewing.

4 – Look into the lens and push the light button to observe the test result. Rotate the lens while bringing it close to the eye (remember to remove eyeglasses). Adjust the eyepiece to focus and push the light to observe test results.

5 – Clean the lens after every use (with a clean soft cloth or lens cleaner).

Advantages of Ovulation Microscopes

According to research studies, saliva ovulation predictor tests are 98% accurate. Other advantages of saliva fertility tests? They are reusable, discreet, and easy-to-use. Testing takes about five to ten minutes and reading results is just a focus away.

Questions and Answers about the Ovulation Microscope

How do Ovulation Microscopes work?
Ovulation microscopes detect hormone changes that occur prior to and during ovulation. As estrogen increases, “ferning” or crystal patterns can be viewed in dried samples of saliva (seen through the saliva fertility test). These patterns will indicate that ovulation is about to take place – or taking place. The duration of your most fertile time lasts from several days before ovulation to 24 or so hours after ovulation.

When do I begin testing with the Saliva Ovulation Predictor?
It is recommended to use the saliva ovulation test on a daily basis and record results on your fertility chart. Ovulite includes a Saliva Ovulation Tester Card for monitoring results and determining fertility patterns.

When and how do I test for ovulation?
Test first thing in the morning – but never after eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. These activities may interfere with results.

Are Saliva Fertility Tests accurate?
When instructions are followed, ovulation microscopes are 98% accurate for predicting ovulation.

Can Ovulation Microscopes be used as a contraceptive device?
While other sites advertise saliva fertility tests as a means of contraception, does not advocate the use of any ovulation test as an effective contraceptive. Ovulation microscopes should not be used in this context. See your doctor if you have any questions.

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