Safe to Use Pregnancy Skin Care Products Before I Get Pregnant?

Is It Safe to Use Pregnancy Products BEFORE I Get Pregnant?Q: I’m not pregnant yet, but I’m planning to try to get pregnant soon. Is it safe for me to use pregnancy skin care products now?
Esther, Massachusetts

A: In a word: yes!

While pregnancy skin care products are designed to target specific pregnancy skin troubles (such as “the mask of pregnancy,” pregnancy acne and dryness), such formulations may help your skin—and your baby—even before pregnancy.

The vast majority of our PregnancyStore customers shop with us before they’re pregnant. In fact, most of our customers have been struggling with infertility. When getting pregnant is difficult, it’s a great idea to empower yourself by making healthier, safer lifestyle choices. Cleaning up your body’s load of toxins and reducing interference with your endocrine system can’t hurt when you’re trying to conceive!

Plus, any woman going through fertility treatments is going to have hormonal fluctuations that can cause skin troubles similar to those experienced during pregnancy. Acne flare-ups are a big complaint of women receiving Clomid and other fertility injections, but because retinoids are known to cause birth defects, you don’t want to use common acne skin care products when you’re trying to conceive.

Pregnancy skin care products are safer

Pregnancy skin care products are safer, less toxic choices for all women, but especially women trying to conceive. Unlike products sold in drugstores, spas, and department stores, pregnancy skin care products are made WITHOUT ingredients that:

  • disrupt your endocrine system,
  • may cause birth defects,
  • introduce carcinogens into your bloodstream,
  • irritate sensitive, hormonal skin.

Pregnancy skin care products are made WITHOUT the following common, but toxic, cosmetic ingredients:

  • endocrine disruptors
  • lead
  • DBP
  • toluene
  • phthalates
  • BPA
  • petroleum and petroleum byproducts like propylene glycol
  • sulfates
  • artificial dyes
  • artificial fragrances

Getting those toxins out of your bloodstream by switching to pregnancy skin care products helps you provide a healthier, safer environment for the first days and weeks of your new baby’s development—even before you know you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy skin care products work just as well, or better

Glowing, radiant skin with tighter pores, even skin tone and fewer wrinkles is a beauty aspiration for most women. Pregnancy skin care products work just as well, if not better, to help you achieve that goal without loading your bloodstream with pollutants.

Pregnancy skin care products bring some peace of mind while TTC

And having already made the switch to pregnancy skin care products before you conceive, when you get pregnant, that’s one less thing to worry about—and one more thing to feel confident about as a new mother.

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