Clinical Research on FertilAid Suggests Increased Sperm Health

Study Indicates Dietary Supplement Improves Male Fertility
FertilAid for Men Clinical Data: “Marked improvement” in sperm health, motility!

The data is in and the word is out: Research from an independent “gold standard” clinical study suggests that FertilAid for Men, a non-prescription dietary fertility supplement, may increase the odds of conceiving by increasing overall male reproductive health and sperm integrity. Data from a double-blind, placebo-controlled study indicates that use of FertilAid for Men significantly improves total normal sperm motility, with a tendency toward increased total mobil sperm count. This is welcome news for couples trying to conceive a baby. FertilAid is a dietary supplement with two unique formulas: one designed especially for women’s needs (includes vitex agnus castus as well as key nutrients like folic acid) and one for men. Both formulas are based on established, peer-reviewed clinical research, and the new FertilAid for Men study further contributes to the discourse and data on male fertility, corroborating knowledge on reproductive health. The FertilAid for Men study verifies and bolsters evidence from previous independent studies on nutrition and sperm health. The FertilAid for Men formula is based on previous clinical evidence, and we are pleased to see that this new study both advances… research on sperm health.

The FertilAid for Men study was carried out over a three month period to determine the possible benefits of using the FertilAid supplement. The study selected men with documented abnormal sperm parameters, as defined by the W.H.O. The results of the FertilAid study revealed a “significant improvement” in the number of motile sperm, or “total normal sperm motility”. According to study designers, “higher levels of motile, normally shaped sperm” are predictive of increased pregnancy rates. “Sperm motility” is understood as the capacity of sperm to swim in a progressive, forward manner. “Sperm count” refers to the quantity or production of [healthy or motile] sperm.

Why are couples seeking fertility support today? There are a number of reasons. On average, couples are trying to become pregnant later in life than even a generation ago, and this may translate to an increased time-frame for achieving pregnancy, as well as higher odds of facing infertility obstacles or delays. At the same time, the fast pace of modern life may produce greater stresses on the body. The FertilAid formulas were designed to help optimize reproductive health, support hormonal balance for women, and improve overall fertility wellness. Product formulator notes: “As part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, FertilAid is designed to optimize reproductive health and increase your chances of conceiving – by bringing together select herbal ingredients and key vitamins in natural, non-prescription formulas tailored to the unique needs of both men and women.”

Recent Testimonials about FertilAid for Women and Men

Along with this new clinical study, FertilAid has garnered accolades for customers – along with heartfelt testimonials. FertilAid for Women and Men are non-prescription dietary supplements that integrate key vitamins and minerals with select herbal ingredients that have been shown to support fertility health and hormonal balance. To read more about FertilAid, please click here.

“My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for two years. I have low sperm count and we sought infertility treatment. We went through 3 IUI’s and had no success at all. Our insurance did not cover them and it cost us a pretty penny. We did one cycle IVF and again no success. My wife saw a FertilAid ad in Conceive magazine and so we went on line and did some research and ordered 90 day supply of FertilAid for men. After taking it for two months my wife got pregnant and now we have a due date. We truly believe this has happened because of FertilAid and would like this to give hope to anyone else who’s willing to give it a try.” – Chris & Laura, CA

“They worked! I really liked this product and I do recommend it. It only took me 2 months and a half to conceive after taking the pills.” – Canela, Texas

“It worked only after using it one month. I highly recommend [FertilAid] because I had been trying for 2 years – and after using it only one month I got pregnant. I just love the product and I am due in 2007” – Tamara, Maryland

“Gave up hope! My husband and I had pretty much given up hope on ever having a baby. Trying this product was my last shot before seeking out fertility treatment, an option I had been avoiding. I took FertilAid for one month and my husband also took Fertilaid for men during the same period. Today my pregnancy test was positive. I never expected it to happen in so short a period of time. I was highly skeptical when begriming, but now I am recommending it to another couple!” – Kim, IA

“Positive after Two weeks: My husband and I decided that we wanted a baby in October. I found this product and read the reviews and said what the heck. Its not going to hurt to try. After two weeks of taking the product religiously, I felt something was different and took the at-home [pregnancy] test. It came out positive. Went to a doctor to confirm and it was the same outcome. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s trying. You just never know.” – Lani, CO

“An unbelievable product! My husband and I had been TTC [trying-to-conceive] for 6 months, with no luck. Then I came across this product, and after reading all the positive comments, I thought I would give it a try. I’m now 8 weeks pregnant! This stuff really works, ladies! – Shawna, CA

“Two-In-One…! I was first skeptical. But then I read the ingredients and FertilAid is the only fertility supplement that has not only Vitex but has also a complete Vitamin supplement including folic acid. And after 2 months I got pregnant! Yeah!”– First Timer, New Paltz, NY

“After 11 years, It’s a miracle. My husband and I have been TTC [trying-to-conceive] for 11 years and tried FertilAid… and I tried for one month and by the end of november/beginning of December, we found out we are pregnant.. Yipee! so we are expecting our second li’ princess in a couple of weeks. Thanks FertilAid” – Christine, NJ

“It works! My husband and I tried to get pregnant for about 3 years with NOTHING. I happened across this product online, and was half-joking when I bought it. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, but I was pregnant after a month of taking it. I REALLY think it’s worth a shot.” – Nadja, pregnant, OH

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