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Have a question about pregnancy and ovulation testing, fertility charting, or using a basal thermometer? Interested in learning about your very first pregnancy signs and symptoms? Need to jumpstart a bbt-chart?

Our Question & Answer Department is an ever-expanding FAQ dedicated to trying-to-conceive couples. Besides answering basic questions about our fertility products, we’ll also delve into the most urgent, important, and frequently asked questions about achieving pregnancy. Below, you’ll find a wide range of the most common and/or elusive TTC questions – from facts about sperm longevity to observations about cervical position when during ovulation. We hope you find the following information and articles instructive and useful!

Come back often as we’ll update this page as new questions and answers are added.

1. What are the first early pregnancy signs – and when are they detectable or first sensed?
2. How do pregnancy tests work?
3. What is hCG? Why is its function as a reproductive hormone?
4. I missed my period but my pregnancy test is negative. What could be going on?
5. When does the Pregnancy Test usually become positive?
6. Is it possible to have a false-positive pregnancy test? Or a false-negative?
7. When and how often should we make love?
8. Am I ovulating? What are the common signs or symptoms of ovulation?
9. How can I identify my fertile window – or the very best day to conceive?
10. What’s involved in BBT charting and how do I take a “basal” temperature reading?
11. What is “Fertile Cervical Mucus”, What does it do, and When can I expect it?
12. What is Sperm Count and Motility? How many days can sperm live?
13. Implantation: What is it and what are the signs?
14. How much will my bbt temperature rise? What is a normal bbt “thermal” shift?
15. How does the position of my cervix change when I ovulate?
16. The journey of sperm: What are the factors in sperm health and pregnancy?
17. Is there clinical research supporting fertility products or supplements?
18. What is my ovulation cycle?
19. What is a luteal phase defect?
20. What is the role of progesterone in fertility and pregnancy?
21. Can Herbal Supplements help me conceive?
22. Can Fertility Yoga or Acupuncture help me?
23. What is the “2 Week Wait”?
24. Does Fashion Choice reflect fertility?
25. How Long Does It Take to Conceive?
26. Can special Fertilitea teas help me conceive?
27. Can Prenatal Music make my baby smarter?
28. Guaifenesin Cough Syrup or FertileCM for Thin Cervical Mucus?
29. How Can I Increase Sperm Count?

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