Week-By-Week Pregnancy Guide Calendar: Ovulation to Week 4

A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide and Calendar

Here it is! Everything you need to know about achieving pregnancy – the week-by-week (often day-by-day) facts about fertility, conception and early fetal development. From day one of your menstrual cycle, we take you on a detailed journey through “your days”, from ovulation to conception, from implantation to your first pregnancy signs and symptoms. As we chart out the delicate nuances of fertility and conceiving, we also provide a parallel glance at early embryonic development and fetal growth.

This is a Five Part Article Series provided by Early Pregnancy Tests.com to serve as a pregnancy calendar – from your menstrual cycle through ovulation and those first important weeks of pregnancy.

Part 1 – From Menstruation to Ovulation
Timeline: Cycle Days 1 – 14 (First 2 Weeks of Your Cycle) – In Part One of our series, we begin on the first day of your cycle – the first day of menstruation – and provide a detailed look at how your body prepares for ovulation. “What happens during the follicular phase?”, “What reproductive hormones come into play and what role do they perform?”, “What happens before I ovulate and how can I predict fertility?” We answer all of these questions and many more in Part One.
Fertility Chart
Part #2 –   From Ovulation to Conception
Timeline: Cycle Days 14 – 21 (Week 3 of Your Cycle) – In Part Two of our series, we look at what happens when you ovulate – the time of the month when fertility is at its zenith. In this article, we’ll look at your LH surge and other natural fertility signs and provide a detailed examination of the ovulatory phase – from the moment the egg departs the ovary to conception. We also discuss tests you can use to find out when you are fertile, like urine ovulation predictors and “ferning scopes”.
Part #3 – Implantation and the Luteal Phase
Timeline: The Luteal Phase, Weeks 3 and 4 – In Part Three of our series, we begin with implantation of the fertilized egg and the very first moments of pregnancy. We also examine the role of the reproductive hormone, progesterone, in maintaining a pregnancy, and the function of hCG (a hormone that is produced by the newly-formed placenta). Are you curious when you can take your first pregnancy test? This question is also answered in Part Three .
Positive Pregnancy Test
Part #4 – Early Pregnancy Symptoms & Fetal Development
Timeline: Missed Period Pregnancy Week 1 – In the Fourth Article of our series, we begin with a detailed look at what is happening at the embryonic level – cellular division, the development of the umbilical cord, yolk sac, and primitive streak. For the mother-to-be, we examine the first signs of pregnancy, beginning with a positive pregnancy test and a missed period, as well as some concrete physical symptoms like breast tenderness, fatigue and morning sickness.
Part #5 – What to Expect During Your First Trimester
Timeline: Embryonic Phase Pregnancy Week 2 and Beyond…. By now, we are already at a stage of rapid fetal development and critical organs, tissues, and body parts are already starting to grow. We even detect the glimmer of an eye and beat of a tiny heart. During this time of rapid fetal growth, different pregnancy symptoms may appear. These are the common experiences of the first trimester.

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