What Happens in the Seventh Month of Pregnancy

what happens in the seventh month of pregnancyTHE SEVENTH MONTH (Weeks 25-28)

As you begin your seventh month of pregnancy, you also begin your third trimester. And they call this the “home stretch” for a good reason—you’re going to notice some rapid growth from here on out. There’s a lot more going on in the seventh month of pregnancy than just growth, though. Let’s take a look at the amazing changes that happen to your baby and your body during these weeks.

What Happens with Your Baby in the Seventh Month of Pregnancy

Your baby’s brain and nervous system are growing fast now and her lungs are beginning to function. Your baby’s hearing is now fully developed. Sleeping and waking cycles are more pronounced and your baby is dreaming when she is sleeping. Your baby can also cry and open her eyes.

She is getting too big to move around too much, though she will certainly continue to kick and may turn somersaults. The soft downy lanugo is starting to disappear. By the end of this month your baby will be about a foot and a half long and weigh about three pounds.

Babies born at 28 weeks, though premature, have a good chance of surviving with proper care.

What Happens with Your Body in the Seventh Month of Pregnancy

You’re growing bigger and bigger. Your belly button may have gone from an “innie” to a definite “outie.” Don’t worry; it won’t stay that way after your baby is born. You’re probably seeing more stretch marks, too. (Hint: even if you’re not seeing them yet, you could still develop them next month or even in the last couple of weeks when your baby grows very rapidly.)

Your uterus is above your navel now, which may make you feel short of breath at times. You may also have trouble sleeping at this stage of pregnancy. Sometimes, your lack of sleep might be caused by your baby. Many moms report that their babies seem to be most active when they are trying to fall asleep.

As your body begins to prepare to breastfeed, you may find that you’re leaking fluid. You may also find that you’re clumsier and have trouble keeping your balance as your tummy continues to grow.

You’ve probably gotten used to your unique combination of heartburn, indigestion, hemorrhoids, back ache, and leg and foot cramps.

What You Need to Know in your Seventh Month of Pregnancy

You should be gaining about a pound a week now. Make sure you’re eating a variety of different foods. Studies have shown that babies are more likely to eat what mom has eaten while she was pregnant. That means you can start your baby on the road to a healthy diet by eating healthy yourself. Don’t forget to take your prenatal supplement.

Your doctor is likely to test for gestational diabetes around 28 weeks. Your doctor will have you drink a sweet solution and then take blood to measure your glucose level. Only 3-5% of women in the US get gestational diabetes, so try not to be too worried.

Starting now, you’ll be seeing your doctor more frequently until your baby is born.

Now that your baby’s hearing is fully formed, make sure that you and the rest of your family talk to baby often. Some mothers sing to their babies or play music. You will also want to avoid very loud noises that might startle your baby. Now is not a good time to attend a rock concert.

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