A Game Plan for Getting Pregnant with an Irregular Cycle!

Are you trying to conceive with an irregular cycle? If so, you may already be aware of the unique frustrations that can come with achieving pregnancy with cycle irregularity. The most obvious challenge is determining when – or even if – you ovulate. Since your ovulation date represents your most fertile time of month, correctly identifying this event tends to become the “holy grail” of the trying-to-conceive experience.

It’s important to keep in mind that cycle irregularity is often more than simply an inconvenient factor that makes identifying ovulation difficult; it’s often the byproduct of an underlying hormonal imbalance. In light of this, as a first step, it’s always a good idea to begin with a visit to your ObGyn to perform some basic testing which will help you determine what factors may be contributing to your cycle irregularity.

Many trying-to-conceive women with irregular cycles (and regular cycles, for that matter) find the OvaCue Fertility Monitor to be particularly helpful. While other ovulation monitors predict your ovulation date based on the attainment of a pre-determined level of a given hormone, the OvaCue looks for overall trends in your body’s own unique readings. This method is ideal for women with irregular cycles, as a hormonal imbalance may prevent you from reaching a predetermined hormone level prior to ovulation.

Helpful hint: If you intend to use the OvaCue to help you conceive with an irregular cycle, it may also be necessary to interpret actual reading data (in addition to looking at the color coding on the screen of the monitor), to accurately determine your fertility status.

Another product that is very popular with trying-to-conceive women with irregular cycles is FertilAid for Women. FertilAid contains herbal ingredients that have been demonstrated to exert a normalizing effect on the hormones that govern ovulation. Many women with irregular cycles comment that FertilAid has helped them to establish cycle regularity in a manner that is beneficial for achieving pregnancy. (Click the “reviews” tab on the FertilAid product page to read customer comments pertaining to FertilAid’s effect on cycle regularity.)

Bottom line: Though cycle irregularity can make it difficult to correctly identify your ovulation date and achieve pregnancy, there are proactive steps you can take to re-establish cycle regularity and increase your chances of conceiving. Further, there are helpful tools available (such as the OvaCue Fertility Monitor) that can help you pinpoint your peak fertile time with a high degree of accuracy.