How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Hemmorhoids

how to get rid of pregnancy hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are a literal pain in the butt. The swollen blood vessels often itch, sting, and hurt with surprising intensity.

Pregnant women are prone to hemorrhoids because of hormonal changes that slow digestion and cause constipation and straining during bowel movements.

Plus, the baby’s extra weight pressing on the bowels can change the blood pressure in your nether regions. All in all, pregnancy hemorrhoids are:

  • Common
  • Awful

You can’t sit without pain. You can’t sit on the toilet and pee without crying out in pain. You’re heavy and achy and you don’t need any extra little problems like hemorrhoids in your pregnancy to make you suffer further.

Here’s what you can do to get rid of pregnancy hemorrhoids FAST!

PS: Keep these hemorrhoids treatments handy because you’ll probably need them after birth. The straining and pressure of a vaginal childbirth frequently results in postpartum hemorrhoids. C-sections slow digestion which can also lead to hemorrhoids. So no matter how that baby arrives, your after-pregnancy hemorrhoids may still be a problem.

How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Hemmorhoids

1. Get thee a pregnancy hemorrhoid cream

Preparation H is the first name in hemorrhoid cream, but it relies on petroleum products and artificial ingredients for its products. Allergies, endocrine disruption, and exposure to carcinogenic petroleum products are just a few of the reasons you might want something greener and cleaner for your pregnant body.

The following creams treat pregnancy hemorrhoids safely and very quickly—providing soothing relief on contact, consistent lubrication after application (no petroleum required!), and help speed healing.

Mama Bottom Balm

Rhoid Balm

The herbs in both versions of the balms above promote healing and pain relief. After initial application, there’s a tingling and cooling sensation that lasts for hours. Both hemorrhoid treatments help soothe the affected area to make you more comfortable.

With both of the above treatments, you should see your hemorrhoids clear up completely in just days.

2. Ice them, ice them, baby

Burning, stinging hemorrhoids can be soothed by applying ice compresses. The ice cold helps shrink the swollen veins as well as numbing the painful tissue.

3. Sitz yourself down

Soaking in a shallow tub of warm bath water infused with healing herbs can speed the shrinking of swollen veins and soothe the itchy, burning pain. While you can use warm water by itself to soothe the itch, try a pre-packaged sitz bath mix for moms like Mama Soak Refreshing Sitz Bath Powder. These can be safely used during pregnancy as well. Put it in a shallow tub of bath water and soak.

4. Spray hemorrhoids away

Before applying a hemorrhoid cream, give yourself a double-dose of soothing, healing herbs with Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray. The witch hazel and peppermint oil help to cool and shrink hemorrhoids naturally.

5. Prevent, prevent, prevent

Once you get rid of your pregnancy hemorrhoids, prevent new flare-ups by keeping things moving. Avoid constipation by staying hydrated (drink lots of water and herbal teas during the day) and making sure you’re adding plenty of fiber to your diet by way of:

  • fresh, leafy greens
  • raw vegetables and fruit
  • whole grains like popcorn, oats and brown rice
  • adding ground flaxseed to your yogurt and breakfast cereals.

You can do one of the above or all of the above to get rid of pregnancy hemorrhoids quickly and safely—and prevent them from coming back.

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