Ovulation, Fertility, Fashion: Dress for Reproductive Success

24. Can Fashion Function as an Ovulation Test?

According to a recent study, a woman’s fashion choices turn to the “flamboyant” when they are ovulating. In other words, fashion choices reflect fertility, which adds another layer of meaning to the phrase “dress for success”.

The recent study suggests that fluctuations in reproductive hormones around the time of ovulation may trigger “unconscious” effects on behavior, particularly when it comes to appearances. Fashion choices, the increased use of jewelry, and aesthetic accessories turn to the “trendy” during ovulation – and according to the University of California study, more revealing, skin-showing, or fashionable clothing is more likely to be worn during peak fertility. The conclusion of such a study suggests that evolutionary “success” may have had some positive coefficient with enhanced physical/fashion appearance.

It would nevertheless be wise to approach such studies with a high degree of critical skepticism, lest all human behavior be reduced to a frumpy biologism. Nothing could be less fashionable or drably banal.

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