Review of OvaCue: Predicting Fertility Seven Days In Advance

Fertility monitors, ovulation microscopes, and urine ovulation tests all function on the same basic principle: they detect subtle changes in levels of reproductive hormones that occur right before you ovulate. While traditional urine ovulation tests measure a sudden and short-lived increase in luteinizing hormone (the LH surge), other diagnostic kits detect more gradual increases of the hormone estrogen (estrogen surge) that take place over an extended period of time (about seven days). A relatively new product, OvaCue, falls into this latter category, allowing you to predict ovulation about five to seven days in advance.

OvaCue works by detecting this gradual increase in the hormone estrogen. Unlike the LH surge (which is like a sudden hormone “spike” that lasts only a day or two), estrogen increases gradually – more like a “bell curve” than a brief lh spike. The result of this slower, steady build up in estrogen is that you are able to detect signs of ovulation several days to a week before you ovulate. Lh tests typically provide 12-36 hour’s notice of impending ovulation. Ovacue provides up to a week’s notice. The advantage is that you can better plan and prepare to time intercourse in order to increase your chances of conceiving a baby.

So how does OvaCue work? OvaCue is a sophisticated but simple-to-use electronic fertility monitor that uses saliva and cervical mucus samples to measure qualitative changes in the concentration of electrolytes (salinity). By measuring electrolyte changes in your saliva (which are caused by an increase in the hormone estrogen) OvaCue can tell you when you will be most fertile – the best time to conceive. OvaCue accurately predicts ovulation far enough in advance so couples can accurately time intimacy around a womam’s most fertile period. OvaCue provides clear digital results (no ambiguity here) and is the only ovulation testing method that lets you know when your fertile time begins – and ends. With OvaCue, you can learn your daily fertility status (Low, High, Or Peak), the beginning and conclusion of your fertile period, and you can anticipate ovulation up to seven days in advance. Even if you can’t imagine parting with your lh strips, OvaCue can be a fantastic complement to lh testing and bbt charting.

Simple to use, just touch the OvaCue oral sensor to your tongue for five short seconds. In under  minute you will receive your test result. Test once a day – that’s all that is required. The result is stored digitally and with the OvaCue fertility monitor, your personal fertility data is electronically tracked for instant recall. In effect, OvaCue is both fertility test and electronic ovulation calendar! The vaginal sensor detects similar changes in electrolyte activity with enhanced accuracy to help confirm ovulation and fertility.*

Finally, OvaCue is FDA approved, 98% accurate, and as you already can guess, completely mess free. Endorsed by doctors, OvaCue adds one more impressive tool into our fertility charting mix. To learn more, please click here.

*Note: Vaginal ultrasound is the only method available that confirms ovulation with 100% accuracy. With the OvaCue, we can detect specific trends which indicate ovulation. Even with the display of the pink or purple box, we do recommend you continue to interpret your data to confirm that ovulation occurred successfully.

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