Cervical Mucus and Pregnancy: Review of FertileCM Fertility Supplement

How FertileCM Can Help You Conceive!

TTC (trying-to-conceive) women already know that the presence of cervical mucus (CM) around ovulation time is an significant aspect of fertility. As an indicator of ovulation, changes in both the amount and texture of cervical mucus tell a woman that she is nearing her ‘fertile window’. If you are bbt charting, you already know to record the increased presence of CM on your chart, as well as the changes in the quality of cervical mucus when you become fertile (the CM will typically become clear and stretchy, not unlike ‘egg white’). Noting changes in cervical fluid is a fertility-charting roadmark on the way to your positive pregnancy test.

What TTC women may not know, however, is the exact function ‘fertile’ cervical mucus plays in fertility. The fact is, cervical mucus is more than just a natural fertility sign; CM plays a key role in conception and pregnancy. How? Around ovulation time, the cervical mucus increases in order to help sperm swim to the just-released egg. CM also nourishes the sperm and offers a protective shield against the natural acidity of the vagina. For conception to occur, the sperm must make the swim through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tube to meet the egg. Cervical fluids provide a sustaining, healthful medium for ‘sperm transport’ on this long journey (It may not seem long to us, but for a tiny sperm, it’s quite a hall…)

FertileCM: The Supplement to Promote Cervical Mucus!

A new and innovative nutritional product called FertileCM is designed, principally, to help women naturally produce their own cervical mucus. FertileCM works by bringing together scientifically-validated nutrients, including L-Arginine, an amino acid which promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a naturally-produced body chemical that underlies many basic health functions, particularly related to blood flow and circulation. For women trying to become pregnant, nitric oxide has been shown to foster blood circulation and vascular relaxation in the reproductive region. More importantly, nitric oxide has been shown in scientific studies to promote the production of cervical mucus during the ovulatory phase of the menstrual cycle!

For TTC women, FertileCM – by promoting the production of nitric oxide – may increase the chances of conception by supporting the presence of fertile-quality cervical mucus. Here, studies indicate that the selected ingredients in FertileCM may not only support production of cervical fluids in the cervix, but also promote a ‘fertile quality’ mucus. Fertile cervical mucus (present around ovulation) is thinner than during other times of the month. It’s also more alkaline to protect sperm, establishing a less acidic vaginal environment. Ingredients like coral calcium and N-acetylcysteine are included in FertileCM to help cervical fluids be more ‘fertile’.

Better yet, the same ingredient that promotes the production of cervical mucus (L-Arginine as a nitric oxide precursor) has also been suggested by independent studies to support endometrial secretions. The endometrium is another word for the wall of the uterus – and this is where the fertilized egg will implant when a woman becomes pregnant. By helping build a healthy uterine/endometrial lining, the chances of implantation (the moment when pregnancy actually ‘takes place’) may be increased.

Though not directly related to the ‘mechanics’ of female fertility, FertileCM may also support arousal and sexual function by stimulating blood flow to the reproductive region and the genitals. One research study shows that sexual stimulation and libido may be directly supported by the use the amino-acid, L-Arginine. As we all know, lovemaking during a woman’s fertile window is central to achieving pregnancy, so a libido-boost can also be seen as a fertility-boost!

Note that for many women, issues with both CM and sexual function may attenuate fertility and lower the odds of conception. Also note that lack of arousal or sexual dysfunction, may delay pregnancy. FertileCM, by addressing these important fertility issues, marks a safe and exciting innovation in fertility supplementation!

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