Cervical Mucus and Its Role in Getting Pregnant

Discussing the quality of your cervical mucus – it’s not a particularly good cocktail party conversation topic, but it is important from a trying-to-conceive perspective. That’s because cervical mucus plays an integral role in the conception process. Not only is cervical mucus responsible for nourishing and protecting the sperm, but it also serves as the medium in which the sperm must travel to fertilize the egg.

Over the course of your cycle, the nature and consistency of your cervical mucus will fluctuate, typically in the following manner:

  • Post Menstrual Period: During this time, you may feel relatively dry, with little visible mucus. Over the course of days, you may find that more mucus begins to accumulate, which may be white or yellow in color, and sticky in consistency.
  • As Ovulation Approaches: Here you’ll begin to see the overall volume of mucus present increase. You may notice increased moistness to the mucus itself, and it may be cream-colored in appearance.
  • At the Time of Ovulation: When you ovulate, the quantity of mucus present will increase even more, and will become slippery, clear, and stretchy (imagine the consistency of an egg white). This is referred to as “fertile quality” cervical mucus.
  • Post Ovulation: Here you’ll begin to see the volume of cervical mucus decrease, and the mucus that is present will likely be sticky in consistency.

For many of us, “fertile quality” cervical mucus around the time of ovulation – that is, mucus that is stretchy, fluid, and thin – either isn’t present, or isn’t present in the volume in which we’d like to see it. In fact, some women have what is known as “hostile” cervical mucus, meaning mucus that is thick and sticky. Hostile cervical mucus may hinder reproductive efforts, as it may be too thick or of an improper consistency to allow sperm to travel. Hostile cervical mucus may result from a variety of factors including diet, stress, hormonal issues, or even from medications like clomid.

How Can You Improve Your Cervical Mucus?

If you suspect that you may not be producing sufficient quantities of cervical mucus during your fertile time of month, or that it may not be “fertile quality” in nature, there are options. FertileCM is a product designed specifically for trying-to-conceive women, and is one of our bestselling products. Click here to read about FertileCM, and be sure to click the “reviews” tab to read actual customer feedback. Here’s a review we received recently from a FertileCM customer:

By Kat from Canada on September 26, 2010

Wow! This stuff actually works. For me, it didn’t take long to clear up my cm. It was a matter of days that it went from the usual sticky mess to clear. To top it all off, we had a POSITIVE test — I’m now 6 weeks! After only taking this (and using Pre-seed) for one only cycle!!!

Another popular product designed to ensure an optimal environment for sperm is Pre-Seed Sperm-Friendly Lubricant. Pre-Seed actually mimics your body’s natural fluids to help, rather than hinder (as other lubricants do), sperm in their journey to fertilize the egg. Click here to read more about Pre-Seed. Again, ensure that you click the “reviews” tab to read some of the great customer feedback this product receives, such as the one submitted below:

Works great!
By Stephanie from California on September 25, 2010

I love preseed! I have been using clomid for 5 months and the last 4 months I havent been able to get pregnant and I had heard the clomid can affect your cm so I thought, “what the heck? I’ll try it one more month with preseed this time”. And……. I’m pregnant! I used to ovulation strips and used pressed during the time that I was ovulating and it was fun to use and worked for me because I am pregnant! I would definitely recommend it.

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