Miscarriages & Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is a heartbreaking and traumatic experience. Many women have experienced one or more miscarriages, or pregnancy losses. After spending time, money, and energy trying to conceive, a pregnancy loss feels devastating. It’s not your fault. You’re not alone. If you’re newly pregnant and afraid of having a miscarriage, or if you’ve miscarried in […]

How to Set Up a Baby Nursery on a Budget

Setting up your baby’s nursery when you’re on a budget can feel frustrating. You want to design a room for your precious baby that’s as beautiful and special as the photographs you see of baby nurseries online, but every piece of baby nursery furniture is expensive. Of course, as a new parent, you want to […]

What Is Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is a very common symptom of early pregnancy. The majority of pregnant women—at least 50%, but possibly up to as many as 75%—experience at least some morning sickness. If you’re wondering why you feel so bad and when you’ll feel better, read on. What is morning sickness? Morning sickness is nausea (often accompanied […]

8 Pregnancy Complications

Every woman hopes that she will have a complication-free pregnancy, and most women do. However, sometimes complications do arise that can threaten the mother or the baby’s health.Many complications can be discovered through tests or screens that your doctor will give you at different times during your pregnancy. Others have symptoms that you will want […]

Pregnancy Bed Rest Tips

Bed rest makes pregnancy feel even longer than nine months. You can’t do the things you want to do, shop and decorate for baby the way you want to, and you’re stuck in the same four walls for a long time. If your doctor or midwife prescribes you bed rest during your pregnancy, however, it’s […]

Should I Use a Midwife or OB GYN?

If you’re trying to conceive or newly pregnant, you may find yourself asking, “Should I use a midwife or OB GYN for my prenatal care and birth?” It’s a question worth asking: the person you choose to provide for your health care during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery will play a large part in the […]

10 Thanksgiving Tips for Pregnant Women

As one of the most traveled holidays, it’s likely you’re heading to someone’s house this Thanksgiving, or, perhaps because of your “condition,” your family is coming to you. If Thanksgiving is a family tradition for you and you’re pregnant this year, here are 10 tips to help you stay more comfortable and healthy around this […]

7 Tips for Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy

First trimester, second trimester, third trimester—each stage of pregnancy brings its own joys and challenges, but trouble sleeping can be part of them all. “Sleep now, because you won’t sleep after baby arrives,” people tease you. With bags under your eyes and a short temper from already being sleep-deprived, it’s hard not to snap when […]

Exercising During Pregnancy: Do’s and Don’ts

Exercising during pregnancy is good for you and good for baby!Regular exercise will keep you feeling strong and energized during your pregnancy. It can also help with mood swings, trouble sleeping, and food cravings.Best of all, exercising during pregnancy increases your flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular stamina— all of which can make labor and delivery […]

What to Do About Pregnancy Cravings

Pickles and ice cream are the classic pregnancy cravings we think of, but there are as many pregnancy cravings as there are pregnant women. Will you get cravings? If so, of what? When? Should you give in to your cravings, or ignore them? Are pregnancy cravings real? If your partner is pregnant and suggesting you […]

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