When does the Pregnancy Test usually become positive?

Conception FAQs >> When does the Pregnancy Test usually become positive? 5. Question: When can I get my first positive pregnancy test? Or when can I begin using an HPT? Answer: As noted in various articles and instructional guides throughout our website, a testing "start date" depends on the specified test sensitivity of a particular […]

Question and Answers about BBT Charting, Fertility, and TTC

Conception FAQs >> FAQs for Trying-to-Conceive Couples Welcome to the Question & Answer Department FAQs for Trying-to-Conceive Couples! Have a question about pregnancy and ovulation testing, fertility charting, or using a basal thermometer? Interested in learning about your very first pregnancy signs and symptoms? Need to jumpstart a bbt-chart? Our Question & Answer Department is […]

Part 4 Week by Week: Pregnancy Symptoms, Morning Sickness & Fatigue

Week by Week Timeline >> Pregnancy Symptoms & Fetal Development Fetal Growth & Your First Pregnancy Signs > TTC Weeks 1 and 2: From Menstruation to Ovulation > TTC Week 3: From Ovulation to Conception > TTC Week 4: Implantation and the Luteal Phase > Pregnancy Week 1: Pregnancy Symptoms & Fetal Development > Pregnancy […]