Best Sexual Positions for Getting Pregnant

A fair amount of debate exists when it comes to identifying the “ideal sexual position” for achieving pregnancy. Since no scientific studies have been conducted on this important matter, we’re left to hypothesize – which we’re happy to do!

The “Happy Man = Pregnant Wife” Theory

One school of thought contends that any position that results in the man ejaculating inside the woman’s vagina will suffice. Further, the more aroused the man is, the greater the volume of ejaculate (read: sperm) that will be deposited within the vagina. The logical conclusion of this line of thought is to identify positions that generate the highest degree of male arousal, and engage in them – often! Admittedly, it’s a simple theory (developed by a clever man, no doubt), but its logic is sound.

The “Gravity Applies to Sperm, Too” Theory

On the other hand, some experts contend that gravity is an important factor to consider when selecting a sexual position for babymaking. These folks tend to recommend the missionary position, as it:

  1. allows for deeper penetration; and
  2. allows semen to flow “downstream” to its end destination – the cervix.

Conversely, positions where the woman is on top (or where one, or both, partners are sitting or standing), are considered less than ideal. Note that if you have a tipped uterus, making love from behind (read: “doggy” style) may provide sperm with an easier path to the cervix.

If you subscribe to the gravity theory, which many do, you would also want to put a pillow under your bottom and remain in bed with your hips elevated for 10-15 minutes after having sex. This will allow the semen to pool around the cervical opening, thereby increasing the chances of achieving pregnancy.

Whichever theory you subscribe to, it’s important to identify when you ovulate (using urine ovulation tests or a fertility monitor) to ensure you’re making love at the right time of the month.

Does a Female Orgasm Increase the Odds of Achieving Pregnancy?

There’s a longstanding theory, and quite a pervasive one at that, which postulates that a female orgasm is beneficial to achieving pregnancy. The idea is that when a woman has an orgasm, it causes a series of muscular contractions that helps direct semen to its end destination and fertilize the egg. Research conducted in the 1950’s, however, appears to have debunked this notion.

Which Sexual Position is Best for Conceiving a Boy?

It is widely believed that making love from behind (“doggy” style) is the preferred position for conceiving a boy. This theory is based on the fact that Y chromosome sperm (male sperm) swim faster than X chromosome sperm (female sperm). Since the deep penetration afforded by rear entry sex allows sperm to be deposited right at the opening of the cervix, it is expected that the male sperm will tend to “win” the short race and fertilize the egg first.

Which Sexual Position is Best for Conceiving a Girl?

When trying to conceive a girl, it is believed that the man on top (“missionary” position) is best. This position results in shallower penetration, and therefore, a longer path for sperm to take to reach the egg. The X chromosome sperm (female sperm), which lives longer than its male sperm counterpart, has the advantage in this scenario. Additionally, the more acidic environment that characterizes the entrance of the vagina tends to favor female sperm as well.

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