Best Pregnancy Test

Best Pregnancy TestIt’s that time – finally. You’ve identified your fertile days of the month and ensured that you “babydanced” (made love for baby-making purposes) at the optimal time for achieving pregnancy. Now several days have elapsed and you’ve begun to consider taking a pregnancy test. But you want to ensure you’re getting the right one… the best pregnancy test for providing you with accurate results regarding such a critical matter.

Step into your local drugstore and you’ll find a huge selection of brands – each one claiming to be “the best” in one manner or another… the earliest… the easiest to use… the most accurate. Then you go online and become even more confused with the huge selection of branded and generic tests available. So how do you determine which test is the best?

First, it’s helpful to determine which qualities in a pregnancy test are important. Once you identify the test qualities that matter most to you, it will be easier to determine which test is the best fit. The primary characteristics used to evaluate pregnancy tests are as follows:

Test Format: Midstream, Test Strip, or Digital. The tests sold at your local drugstore are typically midstream format tests. This type of test comes in a plastic casing which allows you to hold the test directly in your urine stream. The test strip format is more commonly found online or in clinical settings. With the test strip format, you collect a urine sample in a cup, then dip the test into the urine sample. Recently, digital pregnancy tests have come on the market. These tests require no user interpretation, but rather provide you with a simple “pregnant” or “not pregnant” result.

Price: Pregnancy tests range in price from less than a dollar for online pregnancy tests to around $10 per test for digital brands.

Early Detection: Different tests detect different levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (or hcg). The higher the test sensitivity, the lower the level of hcg the test is able to detect. The most sensitive tests on the market today are capable of detecting levels of hcg as low as 20 miu/ml hcg, which would allow you to confirm pregnancy as early as 6-8 days post conception – well before a missed period.

Once the elements of pregnancy tests have been identified, it becomes clear that the best pregnancy test for you may be different than the best pregnancy test for someone else – it depends upon which characteristics you value most in a test. Our (admittedly biased) opinion is that our pregnancy tests represent the best value available. We invite you to review actual customer reviews on our tests by clicking the reviews tab in the product description.

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