When does the Pregnancy Test usually become positive?

5. Question: When can I get my first positive pregnancy test? Or when can I begin using an HPT?

Answer: As noted in various articles and instructional guides throughout our website, a testing “start date” depends on the specified test sensitivity of a particular product. Please read all manufacturer instructions on when you can begin testing.Our 20mIU/hCG tests offer increased sensitivity and a capacity to detect a positive result earlier. This means that you can begin testing at approximately seven to ten DPO (days past ovulation). Nevertheless, a negative within this time frame does not necessarily indicate you are absolutely not pregnant. Factors and variables that can impact early detection include:

1. Test Sensitivity: This factor can be controlled by simply selecting higher-sensitivity kits.
2. Date of endometrial implantation of the blastocyst.
3. Location of blastocyst implantation (can influence rate of hCG production).
4. How fast hCG is produced (differs among women, but as the pregnancy hormone does increase nearly exponentially, this should not be a major factor over a window of a few days).
5. Dilution of urine / how often you pee (It’s recommended to use the first urine of the day, though you may also “hold” urine for 3 or 4 hours as well).
6. Menstrual cycle regularity (women with regular cycles who bbt chart typically can know when to begin testing; another sound reason for maintaining a bbt chart)

Many of these factors influencing a testing start date can be controlled by women. That’s why we always recommend reading our Buyer’s Guide.

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