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What is the "2-week wait?"

Week by Week Timeline >> What is the "2-week wait?"

23. What is the "2 Week Wait"?

Get Pregnant - 5 Essential Tips
The two-week wait refers to the time interval that starts once you ovulate and lasts until you either experience your period, experience a "missed period", or find out you have conceived through a positive pregnancy test.

The two-week wait corresponds to the luteal phase of the cycle that spans from ovulation to the end of a menstrual cycle. The "waiting" aspect refers to anticipation of learning if you are pregnant or not. For women who are bbt charting or using ovulation prediction devices, the start of a two-week wait can be determined by bbt temperature surge or by a positive on a lh test or fertility monitor. At this point, assuming you have timed lovemaking accordingly, the two-week wait sets in...

Technically, the two-week wait corresponds to an averaged 28 day cycle (which is, in total length, four weeks). For the many women with longer cycles, the two-week wait will actually be two and a half weeks or more, depending on cycle length.

High-sensitivity pregnancy tests can help "shorten the wait" as testing can begin approximately ten days past ovulation: Typically, implantation of a fertilized egg takes about a week, on average, and hCG hormone production begins with implantation. In short, you do not need to wait for a missed period to begin testing.

Many TTC and fertility forums have a 2 Week Wait area where women in this "zone" can chat and de-stress as they anticipate good news.

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