What's to Love

  • Deeply penetrating to prevent stretch marks
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Light (not too oily or greasy) and fast-absorbing
  • Leaves skin soft for hours

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks

by The Spoiled Mama (4 oz or 8 oz)

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About this Company

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks

Fade stretch marks before and after birth with Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks from The Spoiled Mama is a luscious, smooth, penetrating treatment to prevent and fade stretch the dark purple lines so dreaded in pregnancy.

Pure cocoa butter combines with organic oils (Rosehip, Tamanu, Kukui Nut) rich in Vitamin A and E and essential fatty acids. These ingredients work together to stimulate your skin's own production of collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer skin with greater elasticity to prevent the scarring of stretch marks.

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks penetrates into the deepest layers of your pregnant skin to nourish, while also creating a protective shield that locks in moisture to comfort your stretching belly. The special stretch marks butter blend will help fade scars and stretch marks and prevent new ones from appearing. Works wonders on c-section scars, too.

To achieve the best results with your stretch mark prevention regimen, use Tummy Butter together with Bump Gloss. Why? Each contains oils proven to help aid in stretch mark prevention and the fading of existing scars and stretch marks. Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter can be applied in the afternoon, evening or both as your tummy begins to grow and stretch. You will want to make sure that while massaging any oil or butter in, you do so gently but keep in mind that the 'massaging' is what will bring blood flow to the surface and this will also help aid in stretch mark prevention.

Tummy Butter for Stretch Mark Ingredients:Distilled Water, Cocoa Butter, Shea Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Organic Tamanu Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Vegetable Glycerin USP, Emulsifying Wax NF, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol**

** preservative that is accepted for use in organic products by the Soil Association.

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks Highlights

  • Deeply penetrating stretch mark cream to prevent and heal stretch marks

  • Spoiled Mama uses certified organic ingredients

  • Light (not too oily or greasy) and fast-absorbing
  • Leaves skin soft for hours

  • Luscious, smooth texture

About The Spoiled Mama

Known for Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss, The Spoiled Mama pregnancy skin care products are the inspired-and inspiring-creations of Tamara Johnson, RN. While she was pregnant in 2005, Tamara became frustrated at the prevalence of toxic chemicals and preservatives in most pregnancy skin care products. Using her medical background and her commitment to beauty, Tamara launched The Spoiled Mama to provide safer, luxurious pregnancy skin care products to "spoil the baby in you."

For the safety of moms, babies and the Earth, The Spoiled Mama products are formulated using a superior quality of natural, organic ingredients free from preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and petroleum derivatives.

Everything in The Spoiled Mama pregnancy skin care collections are made in the USA from domestically grown ingredients and/or fair trade ingredients. They're cruelty free and packaged in recyclable containers and run by wind power.

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Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks Customer Reviews

Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks
5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
SiouxFalls, SD
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazingly Awesome!!!
September 3, 2015
If only i knew about this product with my first pregnancy.. With my first i have used Mustella (2x a day) and it worked for me for couple months then i developed stretch marks on sides of my stomach.. Being preg with with my second baby i decided to give this a try.. using it for only for 1 month so far no new stretch marks but instead making my old marks fade away! .... they used to be really red and now its so light..I use it only once a day (sometimes every other day) and my stomach doesn't even itch anymore absolutely love it and really do recommend it!!!!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome, seriously.
August 28, 2015
Okay, let's be honest, the prices of The Spoiled Mama products are outrageous. However, I have used their tummy butter and bump gloss religiously for two pregnancies. I did not get a single stretch mark when pregnant with my daughter (I am a thin girl and gained 30 lbs.)...and now I am eight and a half months pregnant with my son. I am again on track to gain 30 lbs., and I am stretch mark free. Could it be good genes? Maybe...but I'm not veering from my fool proof recipe!

San Diego, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Tummy Butter
August 25, 2015
I've been using this along with the bump gloss and so far at 34 weeks with twins I am happy to report no stretch marks. I'm small to begin with (112 lbs prior to pregnancy) and my mom got stretch marks so I thought it was inevitable but so far so good. I love the smell and the texture. Would recommend!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 20, 2015
I purchased this product as soon as I found out I was expecting since stretch marks were what I dreaded most in pregnancy. I am now 7 months along with a bigger than average belly (my hubby is 6'5 so little one is not so little) and still no stretch marks! I purchased the 12oz since I figured I'd be using it at least twice daily. I love the consistency as it is not sticky and absorbs very quickly into your skin. It has a great cocoa butter scent and is not too overpowering. I will be purchasing my second container very soon. Even though the cost is higher compared to other stretch mark products, it is worth every penny!

San Bernardino, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works Wonders! :)
August 11, 2015
One of the main things about this product that I love is the fact that its all organic, and your skin can tell!! It moisterizes and softens skin so well!! You can feel the product working!! 7 months and not a mark on me :)

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love this cream!
July 15, 2015
This 100% organic cream is a miracle worker, so far I am 7 months and do not have a single mark on me!! You can feel it working as soon as you start applying it! It has not only moisturized my skin but also gave a softer appearance!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

amazing purchase!!
June 17, 2015
This is the second order of Spoiled Mama tummy butter and bump gloss I have gotten and I am incredibly impressed!! I am at eight months and have no stretch marks and my skin actually feels more elastic and smooth where I use the butter and gloss. I would definitely recommend!!

Twentynine Palms, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
June 12, 2015
Luxurious feel and doesn't leave you feeling super greasy! Great smell also. I also bought the bump gloss to use together. I'm still new to the product and early in my pregnancy so I'm hoping with this cream I can prevent any new stretch marks.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product!
June 11, 2015
Entering my second trimester I have yet to see a stretch mark. I have been using this product with the Bump Stretch Mark Oil as suggested and very happy. I will be purchasing more.