What's to Love

  • Adds BBT functionality to your OvaCue Mobile
  • Connects directly to your smartphone
  • Syncs with OvaGraph the official fertility charting app of Taking Charge of Your Fertility
  • Automatically interprets your temperature data
  • Helps you get pregnant faster
  • Ideal for women using the Fertility Awareness Method

TempCue BBT Temperature (Sensor Only)

by Fairhaven Health

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TempCue BBT Temperature (Sensor Only)

TempCue Sensor - The basal body thermometer that works with OvaCue Moble

Note: You must have the OvaCue Mobile to use the TempCue Sensor Only. If you do not already have OvaCue Mobile, check out our TempCue Kit.

For a list of devices that are compatible with the TempCue Kit, click here.

While the OvaCue Mobile offers the most advanced ovulation prediction technology available, we know that many women like to track more than one fertility indicator. That's why we've added the TempCue temperature sensor to our line of sophisticated ovulation prediction tools. Just like the OvaCue Mobile, the TempCue Sensor connects directly to your smartphone, offering fast, accurate and mobile BBT charting. Simply connect the TempCue temperature sensor to your smartphone (via the same mobile adapter you are already using with your OvaCue Mobile), and the TempCue Sensor will take your BBT and synch the data with OvaGraph - the official fertility charting app of Toni Weschler's best-selling book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. OvaGraph's sophisticated set of algorithms will interpret your BBT data and will automatically display a possible ovulation day and cover line. OvaCue Mobile and the TempCue Sensor - a match made in fertility charting Heaven!

How does the TempCue Temperature Sensor make getting pregnant easier?

Trying to conceive naturally can sometimes feel like a big puzzle, and fitting all of the pieces together can be a challenge. Knowing when you ovulate is a big piece of this puzzle, and charting your BBT makes ovulation prediction much easier. When ovulation occurs, your body starts producing progesterone, a hormone that has a warming effect on the body and causes your BBT (also called waking temperature) to increase. By charting your BBT throughout your cycle, you can detect the subtle temperature rise that occurs just after ovulation.

For decades, women have been charting their BBT with a pencil and a piece of graph paper, and eye-balling the temperature shifts. Using a set of advanced algorithms, TempCue and OvaGraph will automatically interpret your BBT data, and will display a possible ovulation date and a cover line once a temp shift occurs. TempCue takes the guesswork out of BBT charting.

Supported Devices: TempCue is compatible with most iOS devices running iOS 8 or greater, including: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 1, 2, and 3, and iPod Touch 5th Gen. All compatible iPad devices need to be running iOS 9 or greater.

TempCue is compatible with most Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 devices.

TempCue BBT Temperature (Sensor Only) Highlights

  • Adds BBT functionality to your OvaCue Mobile

  • The only BBT thermometer that synchs with OvaGraph the official fertility charting app of Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

  • Helps you conceive faster by identifying your fertile days

  • Advanced set of algorithms automatically interprets your BBT data

  • Ideal for women using the Fertility Awareness Method

  • Includes access to OvaGraph, a vibrant fertility charting community

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Fairhaven Health has been the leading developer of effective and safe fertility and pregnancy products since 2001. Located in Bellingham, Washington, Fairhaven Health collaborates with doctors, OBGYNs, nutritionists, nurses, naturopaths and leading maternity experts to create fertility and pregnancy support products with outstanding efficacy. Thousands of happy new parents attest to the results generated from this collaboration between modern science and clinically-supported herbal medicine. Affiliated with the American Pregnancy Association and endorsed by celebrity TTC mom Rosie Pope, Fairhaven Health manufactures its products in the USA to the highest quality standards.

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