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Anatomy of Ovulation
The Story of Your Menstrual Cycle & Getting Pregnant
Fertility Facts: the Path from Preconception to Pregnancy
Guide to Fertility Definitions
Tips on Getting Pregnant: a Day to Day Guide to your Cycle and Ovulation
Progesterone, Ovulation & BBT Charting
FAQ: What is implantation & what are the signs?
FAQ: How long does it take to conceive?
Low Sperm Count & Male Fertility Issues
Implantation Bleeding
From Ovulation to Pregnancy
Menstruation to Ovulation
Implantation & the Luteal Phase
Pregnancy Symptoms & Fetal Development
What to Expect During Your 1st Trimester
What is Luteal Phase Defect?
What is the "2-week wait?"
Men's Fertility
FAQ: What are the factors in sperm health?
FAQ: What is Sperm Count and Motility?
FAQ: How Can I Increase Sperm Count?
Low Sperm Count & Male Fertility Issues
Clinical Research on Sperm & Male Fertility
Increasing your Odds of Conceiving
Fertility Facts: the Path from Preconception to Pregnancy
Guide to Fertility Definitions
TTC Primer with Chart
Timing Intercourse for Trying-to-Conceive Couples
The Fertile Window
FAQ: How Can I Increase Sperm Count?
FAQ: What are the factors in sperm health?
Men's Fertility
Clinical Research on Sperm & Male Fertility
Fertility Herbs and Herbal Supplements
Vitex and Green Tea
Clomid, Fertility Supplements, and Pre-Seed
Fertility Meds and Supplements
Trying To Conceive: Yoga and Acupuncture
Best Sexual Positions for Getting Pregnant
How to Get Pregnant: The "Do's" and "Don'ts" of Conceiving
Clomid and Ovulation
Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Fertility
Fertility Diet
Cervical Mucus and Its Role in Getting Pregnant
How to Get Pregnant with an Irregular Period
Free Ovulation Calendar
Anatomy of Ovulation
Fertility Symptoms
Fertility Charting and Methods of Predicting Ovulation
Charting Ovulation to Pregnancy
Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting
How to Fertility Chart
BBT Instructions
Basal Body Temperature and Timing Intercourse
Progesterone, Ovulation & BBT Charting
Cervical Mucus
BBT Thermal Shift
Cervical Shift
Changes in Cervical Mucus
Am I Ovulating?
FSH and Fertility: How Follicle Stimulating Hormone Can Affect Your Ability to Conceive
When Do You Ovulate
Clinical Data on Preconception and Fertility Products, Vitamins
Fertility Testing Guide: Ovulation & Pregnancy
Ovulation and Pregnancy Test FAQ
Ovulation Test FAQs
Fertility & Ovulation Predictor Tests
How do Ovulation Tests predict fertility?
How do I Interpret Ovulation Test Results?
When Do I Start Testing for Ovulation?
Help Using Ovulation Tests
BBT Instructions
Saliva Fertility Tests: Ovulation Microscope Instructions
Predicting Ovulation with the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor
Fertility Charting with a Saliva Ovulation Microscope
Detecting your "Estrogen Surge" with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor
How Do Fertility Supplements Work?
Vitex and Pills for Fertility
Fertility Meds and Supplements
Cervical Mucus and Fertility
Cervical Mucus & Evening Primrose Oil
Clinical Research on Sperm & Male Fertility
Pre-Seed Sperm Friendly Moisturizer Product Review
Men's Fertility
Preseed - Chat with Dr. Joanna Ellington
FertilAid for Women: All You Ever Wanted to Know!
Pregnancy and Ovulation Kit Instructions
Ovulation Test Strip Instructions
Ovulation Midstream Test Instructions
FSH Test Strip and Midstream Instructions
Saliva Fertility Tests: Ovulation Microscope Instructions
Pregnancy Test Strips
Pregnancy Midstream Tests
Pregnancy Test Review and Comparison Chart
How Early Can I Test for Pregnancy?
How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?
What's a Faint Line on a Pregnancy Test Mean?
What are Pregnancy Test Evaporation Lines?
What is a Chemical Pregnancy?
Missed your Period? The Role of HCG in Pregnancy & Testing
First Morning Urine and Pregnancy Test Accuracy
Pregnancy Test Kit Accuracy and Sensitivity
How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?
Missed Period
Pregnancy Test False Results
The History of the Pregnancy Test from Rabbit Tests to Websites
Negative Pregnancy Test and Missed Period
Implantation Bleeding
When to Take a Pregnancy Test
Best Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test Accuracy
Faint Line on Pregnancy Test
Blood Pregnancy Test
False Positive Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test False Negative
How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test?
Home Pregnancy Test
Ovulation Test as Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Symptoms
First Early Pregnancy Signs
Caffeine and Pregnancy
Bleeding During Pregnancy
Pregnancy Music for Fetal Development: Mozart or Bach?
Nursing Time Tea - An Interview with Herbalist Pam Caldwell
Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Fetal-Pregnancy Health
5 Ways to Glow Through the Holidays During Pregnancy
10 Great Gifts for Pregnant Women
Tips to Beat Holiday Stress During Pregnancy
What is the Mask of Pregnancy
How to Relieve Morning Sickness
5 Reasons to Wear Your Own Maternity Hospital Gown for Your Baby's Birth
7 Things to Do in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy
How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Hemmorhoids
How to Pack Your Newborn’s Diaper Bag
Overcoming Secondary Infertility
Unexplained Infertility
PCOS and Infertility
Fertility Drugs Vs. FertilAid for Women
10 Things You Should Know About Ectopic Pregnancy
What Happens in the First Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Second Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Third Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Fourth Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Fifth Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Sixth Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Seventh Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Eighth Month of Pregnancy
What Happens in the Ninth Month of Pregnancy
What to Eat When Pregnant
What NOT to Eat When Pregnant
Most Important Ingredients in Prenatal Vitamins
What to Do About Pregnancy Cravings
Exercising During Pregnancy: Do's and Don'ts
7 Tips for Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy
Should I Use a Midwife or OB GYN?
10 Thanksgiving Tips for Pregnant Women
What Is Morning Sickness?
8 Pregnancy Complications
Pregnancy Bed Rest Tips
Have a Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy
Questions About Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss
How to Set Up a Baby Nursery on a Budget
Baby Layette Checklist
Things to Consider When Naming Baby
How to Prepare Siblings for New Baby
How to Prepare for Breastfeeding While Pregnant
5 Tips for New Moms
Swaddling Your Baby 101
Epidural vs Natural Birth
Why Take a Birth Class
Am I in Labor?
Stages of Labor

Question and Answer Index

FAQs for Trying-to-Conceive Couples
1. What are the first early pregnancy signs - and when are they detectable or first sensed?
2. How do pregnancy tests work?
3. What is hCG? Why is its function as a reproductive hormone?
4. I missed my period but my pregnancy test is negative. What could be going on?
5. When does the Pregnancy Test usually become positive?
6. Is it possible to have a false-positive pregnancy test? Or a false-negative?
7. When and how often should we make love?
8. Am I ovulating? What are the common signs or symptoms of ovulation?
9. How can I identify my fertile window - or the very best day to conceive?
10. What's involved in BBT charting and how do I take a "basal" temperature reading?
11. What is "Fertile Cervical Mucus", What does it do, and When can I expect it?
12. What is Sperm Count and Motility? How many days can sperm live?
13. Implantation: What is it and what are the signs?
14. How much will my bbt temperature rise? What is a normal bbt "thermal" shift?
15. How does the position of my cervix change when I ovulate?
16. The journey of sperm: What are the factors in sperm health and pregnancy?
17. Is there clinical research supporting fertility products or supplements?
18. What is my ovulation cycle?
19. What is a luteal phase defect?
20. What is the role of progesterone in fertility and pregnancy?
21. Can Herbal Supplements help me conceive?
22. Can Fertility Yoga or Acupuncture help me?
23. What is the "2 Week Wait"?
24. Does Fashion Choice reflect fertility?
25. How Long Does It Take to Conceive?
26. Can special Fertilitea teas help me conceive?
27. Can Prenatal Music make my baby smarter?
28. Guaifenesin Cough Syrup or FertileCM for Thin Cervical Mucus?
29. How Can I Increase Sperm Count?
Is It Safe to Use Pregnancy Skin Care Products Before I Get Pregnant?

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