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Pre~Seed Semen Collection Kitview larger

Pre~Seed Semen Collection Kit


Regular price: $15.99
Sale price: $14.99

We no longer carry the product.

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Pre~Seed's Semen Collection Kit Includes:

  • 1 tube Pre~Seed "sperm-friendly" Intimate Moisturizer
  • 1 non-spermicidal Male Factor Condom

Allows collection of sperm samples naturally during intercourse for use in fertility testing and treatments.

Highly recommended method for collecting sperm for couples with male factor issues undergoing IUI or IVF. Decreases collection anxiety, and can significantly increase the total number of functional sperm in an ejaculate.

Read about why collecting sperm with a condom is a better method, especially for assisted reproduction procedures like IUI at Dr. E's FAQ page (Using a Sperm Collection Condom?).

Dr. E strongly recommends if you haven't used a condom for sample collection and have an upcoming assisted reproduction procedure (like an IUI); purchase 2 kits and practice once with one of the kits, so that all goes smoothly on the BIG day with the other kit!

Directions: Twist off plastic tab on Pre~Seed. Prior to intercourse insert the narrow end of the applicator into the vagina. Deposit moisturizer by firmly squeezing the applicator bulb. Remove applicator. Shake down applicator with finger covering the open end to access residual moisturizer.

If desired, apply this remaining Pre~Seed to the tip of the penis prior to placement of the Male Factor Pak condom. Follow the instructions on the condom packet for sample processing after intercourse and ejaculation.

Warning: Pre~Seed is not a contraceptive. It does not harm sperm function.

Pre~Seed Semen Collection Kit