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When you want to know if you're pregnant, you want to know as soon as possible. Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com delivers answers - fast. We offer two types of home pregnancy tests that you can use as early as 7-10 days past ovulation - before your period is even due. The pregnancy test strip is the same style of test used in clinics, and the midstream test is the same style as the pregnancy tests sold in drugstores. Both types are over 99% accurate.

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Reviews of Our Pregnancy Tests

Early Results for an affordable price
November Washington, DC April 22, 2016
These were super cheap but this is a quality product. I used about 9 of them (just to be sure lol) and results were correct, PREGNANT!!! Ladies don't spend $20 when you can spend under $1 for one and get accurate results.
Great product!
Step West Plains, MO April 16, 2016
I've used four tests this cycle and thought the directions were easy and the lines were clear to see.
Steph Long Sault, Ontario April 12, 2016
I was sceptical buying these. I have a very irregular period (would go from 28-48 days) So I bought them to try. The first month I tried them it told me when I was ovulating. I used for a few days after I got first purple line. I ended up pregnant that very same month! Well worth it. Easy to use and I am very happy
Great product! Great price!
Erin Fort Collins, CO April 10, 2016
These were super easy to use, and it confirmed my pregnancy 1-2 days before my period. The line was super faint, but it was there! Then when I tested again a couple days later it was darker. I did get a false negative when I tested about 5 days before my period was supposed to start though.
Cost effective. It worked!
shellebelle22 Santa Barbara, CA April 4, 2016
Saw lot's of poor reviews for BFP products, but this was fabulous! Got my positive with this one 10dpo and it was true. :)
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