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When you want to know if you're pregnant, you want to know as soon as possible. Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com delivers answers - fast. We offer two types of home pregnancy tests that you can use as early as 7-10 days past ovulation - before your period is even due. The pregnancy test strip is the same style of test used in clinics, and the midstream test is the same style as the pregnancy tests sold in drugstores. Both types are over 99% accurate.

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Reviews of Our Pregnancy Tests

Fast results
Val Nashville, Tn September 19, 2015
Compared to the strips, the midstream tests are much faster in reading results. I took a strip test and found out it was positive later in the day when I looked at it again as it looked negative when I first took it. I confirmed with the midstream that same day and the results came up much faster and clear as day. The picture attached is a 2 day difference with the lighter line at CD25 and darker at CD27 (out of a normal 27 day cycle)
Takes full amount of time to show
Val Nashville, Tn September 19, 2015
The dye will move across the strip like other pregnancy tests, but then will settle back into where the positive line will read after the full 3 min. I thought mine was negative and decided to check later in the day and sure enough the line was there. Confirmed with the midstream test which shows much sooner. After a week of testing the line keeps getting darker. It showed positive on CD 25 out of 27 with negatives before CD 25.
Manda Manitoba Canada September 12, 2015
A lot of product for little cost.. Still not pregnant. But we are hoping
Great Experience
Ann Davie, Fl September 11, 2015
It was shipped and arrived right away. The price was great. I got a positive result 2 days before my period was due. Other home pregnancy tests won't show a positive result until a few days after your missed period.
Test Works, did not detect early
Nikkia Lawrenceville, New Jersey September 11, 2015
Good experience, the test was sealed in packets and came with baby dust. I took the test 10 DPO and it was negative. I tested a day later and it still came out negative. Starting to feel disappointed I waited until my missed period and sure enough the line was there but very faint. I tested the next day after my missed period and the line was still faint but there. I just tested an hour ago and the results line is a lot clearer than the past few days. I would recommend to get at least 10-15 tests to take the nerves off and feel free to test as much as you want.
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