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PregEase for Morning SicknessPregEase for Morning Sickness
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Preggie Pops for Morning Sicknessview larger

Preggie Pops for Morning Sickness

by Three Lollies (7 pops)

Regular price: $5.50
Sale price: $4.50
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Lollipops for nausea associated with pregnancy

Pregnant? Congratulations from – A wonderful 9 months lies ahead!

For many women, after months trying-to-conceive, there may be one less thrilling reward that accompanies a positive pregnancy test – morning sickness. The fact is, between 50 and 90 percent of pregnant women will experience varying degrees of morning sickness – the stomach discomfort, nausea, dry mouth, and vomiting that may accompany pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are Preggie Pops, the safe, delicious, and natural lollipop solution to dispel those morning sickness blues – so you can get back to enjoying your pregnancy. Created by healthcare professionals, Preggie Pops are perfect for expectant mothers feeling under the weather and they also provide soothing refreshment, a quick energy boost, and dry-mouth relief during long hours of labor.

Preggie Pop flavors include: peppermint, lavender, spearmint, sour lemon, ginger, sour tangerine, and sour raspberry.

Want the same great morning sickness relief in discreet lozenges? click here

You’ll receive your Preggie Pops in discreet packaging with no external indication of the contents (we use the return address of ONLINE STORE – Click Here to see an example of our packaging).

  • The #1 morning sickness cure

  • All-natural and yummy - with 7 delicious flavors

  • Fast-working to provide quick relief for symptoms

  • Drug-free and doctor-recommended

  • Soothing and refreshing during labor

  • The perfect solution for a dry mouth and queasiness
Preggie Pops for Morning Sickness
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
abigail ortiz
Milpitas, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

April 7, 2011
Works great for my nausea

5 Stars

Great for more than just pregnacy
January 13, 2009
These can be great for kids that are sick or when your just not feeling great. I used them all the time at work whenever i felt any sickness. They are a pregnancy must have!!!

Janis K.
Oxnard, CA
5 Stars

November 7, 2007
These things are addicting, my husband loves them too. I'll probably end up ordering these after we deliver!!!