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  • Fast-acting relief
  • All-natural
  • Works for both morning sickness and heartburn
  • Great-tasting, chewable tablets
  • Formulated by an OBGYN
  • Great value

PregEase for Morning Sickness

by Fairhaven Health (60 ct)

1 - 1 units$19.95 each
2 - 2 units$18.95 each
3 - or more units$17.95 each
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PregEase for Morning Sickness

Better than Tums, these natural tablets help squash pregnancy heartburn and morning sickness.

PregEase Supplement FactsPregEase is a unique, OBGYN-formulated morning sickness remedy that does double duty throughout pregnancy as a heartburn remedy as well.

In great-tasting orange-flavored tablets, this natural solution provides quick relief to the two very common pregnancy discomforts of morning sickness (more common in early pregnancy) and heartburn (more common in mid- to late-pregnancy). PregEase includes Vitamin B6 and ginger, both well-known for their ability to reduce nausea, as well as calcium carbonate and other natural ingredients to reduce heartburn pain. PregEase also promotes better digestion by including lemon balm and digestive enzymes.

You can count on PregEase for effective, safe and delicious relief from nausea and heartburn.

PregEase, the orange-flavored tablets are better-tasting and more effective than Tums for heartburn and simple ginger for morning sickness.

Safe for use during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, PregEase is made in the USA and contains no animal byproducts, artificial preservatives or artificial flavors.

PregEase Directions: chew 1-2 tablets daily as needed for relief of nausea or heartburn

60 ct bottle

PregEase for Morning Sickness Highlights

Each orange-flavored, lightly sweet PregEase tablet includes:

Vitamin B6 - scientifically proven to reduce the severity of nausea and vomiting from pregnancy morning sickness

Vitamin B12 - shown to reduce vomiting in pregnant women with morning sickness

Calcium carbonate - included in many over-the-counter antacid products; well-known for safe and effective heartburn relief

Brown seaweed powder - a source of alginic acid, which is included in many over-the-counter heartburn relief products to reduce the discomfort of heartburn by providing a barrier between stomach acids and the esophagus

Ginger root - well-known for its ability to reduce nausea caused by motion sickness and morning sickness

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root - also known as DGL, this form of licorice root (which does not contain glycyrizzinic acid that impacts blood pressure) is known to soothe and heal the esophagus, thereby reducing the pain associated with heartburn

Lemon balm - traditionally used as a digestive aid to help reduce nausea and other digestive discomforts

Amylase, lipase, and protease - enzymes to help ensure that the food you eat is digested quickly and thoroughly, which can help reduce the symptoms of nausea and heartburn

About Fairhaven Health

Fairhaven Health has been the leading developer of effective and safe fertility and pregnancy products since 2001. Located in Bellingham, Washington, Fairhaven Health collaborates with doctors, OBGYNs, nutritionists, nurses, naturopaths and leading maternity experts to create fertility and pregnancy support products with outstanding efficacy. Thousands of happy new parents attest to the results generated from this collaboration between modern science and clinically-supported herbal medicine. Affiliated with the American Pregnancy Association and endorsed by celebrity TTC mom Rosie Pope, Fairhaven Health manufactures its products in the USA to the highest quality standards.

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PregEase for Morning Sickness Customer Reviews

PregEase for Morning Sickness
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Sacramento, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

PregEase REALLY works!
January 18, 2016
I am one that suffers from heartburn with occasional nausea, pregnant or not. Once I found out I was expecting my second child, I knew I needed something to combat these setbacks when they flared up. I stumbled across PregEase from Fairhaven Health. This small, penny sized chewable tablet is a miracle in itself. This chewable comes with a citrus kick and a very sour and gritty taste. The smell is a punch of lemon juice and dirt. After the shock of the first chewable was over, I was able to get past the grittiness of it to make myself feel better. If you have ever taken a citrus vitamin C tablet, that is exactly what this tastes like. Followed by a soft touch of ginger. The main ingredients in this tablet are made of a proprietary blend of; brown seaweed powder, licorice root extract, lemon balm, ginger root powder extract, amylase, lipase, and protease. Also in this are stevia, orange cream flavor, and a few other common vitamin ingredients. The relief I received from this pill was usually in around five(5) to ten(10) minutes time. It was so quick that I immediately forgot I had any symptoms prior to taking this. I have been prescribed anti-nausea medications and this has worked way better than any of them have before. A plus, there is no drowsiness. I did find that I needed to up my water intake when taking these tablets. It was a daily routine during my first trimester, where I would need to take the capsules more than once a day. Sometimes 2 at a time. I never exceeded 3 a day and was okay with that. Some days, I was lucky enough to not have to touch them. Now it's about once every week that I need them for some bout of nausea I am battling. I have recommended this product to multiple people that have heartburn and/or nausea issues during pregnancy already, and will continue to do so as my pregnancy progresses and after. This is a wonderful product and I will absolutely continue to take this even after my pregnancy for nausea from everyday life. If you deal with any sort of nausea or heartburn ailment, get this. You will not regret it.
Relief in 5-10 minutes

PregEase for Morning Sickness