Pre-Seed Lubricant & Fertility Aids

Did you know that regular lubricants act as a barrier, immobilizing sperm? Being mindful of things like lubricant and stress can make a big difference in your TTC outcome. The first lubricant specifically designed for TTC couples, Pre-Seed mimics a woman's natural fertility fluids to create a sperm-friendly environment. Use Pre-Seed, and our other fertility aids, to support your body's natural ability to conceive.

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Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant
FertileBalance Progesterone Cream
Fertility Yoga DVD with Anna Davis, PhD
Acupressure for Fertility DVD
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The Stork OTC Home Conception Kit
Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar Wheel
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Pre-Seed Lubricant & Fertility Aids

Little bit goes a long way
Sherry SA TX October 12, 2015
Was recommended to me and wow! A little bit goes a long way
Great Lube for TTC
Courtney Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 29, 2015
I credit this product in helping conceive my first two babies. I usually use it externally, but am trying it internally due to shortage of cervical mucus. It is easy to apply, and my husband says it doesn't feel different to him. Overall, I am very happy with this product!
Feels great!
Rochelle B Livingston, MT September 28, 2015
I have used this cream for one month and I like how it feels. Non greasy and absorbs quickly. I'm hoping that this will help me maintain a pregnancy. Started after my 5th miscarriage last month and I got a faint positive test this morning. I'm hoping the progesterone cream will help me keep this pregnancy!
Love the lubricant!Served the purpose well.
Mikaela Michigan September 12, 2015
I am hoping this product will help us achieve pregnancy.It makes me feel very hopeful.
Sounds great
Krystil Detroit, Michigan September 5, 2015
I have looked into a lot of products but this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I hope it helps!
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