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Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - January 9, 2012


“Hubby and I beat the odds, and I got the greatest birthday present ever: Our first baby! Thank you so much for such a great product.”

-Jen B.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - January 5, 2012


“Hi my name is Sammie P. I got my IUD removed November 2011…We planned on waiting till fall of 2012 to try for baby number 4…January 5th I tested just for fun…and i saw TWO LINES..i freaked and took another brand…its positive…we weren’t trying and we only had one ‘oops’ but that was enough!”

-Sammie P.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - January 5, 2012


“This is my positive test strip along with a FR test at 11DPO! This was our first month trying and I used the OPKs along with preseed. Thank you!”

-Lauren S.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - November 28, 2011


“My name is Jamie P and my husband and I have been trying for 2.5 yrs. We have been seeing a Fertility specialist for the past 7 months. This was our first month taking Gonal injections and it worked!!! I have taken so many tests that seeing a second line was almost unbelievable! We are almost positive we are having more than one baby because we saw in an ultrasound right before I ovulated that I had 4 good follicles. Hopefully it is only two!!!!! We are so excited to tell family and friends for Christmas!!!!!!!!!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - Friday - November 18, 2011


“It is official and thanks to your pregnancy tests that my husband and I will be expecting our first baby in July. We loved the fact that we could find out earlier at 10 DPO with the 10 miu/ml HCG sensitivity before we left on a trip over the weekend. It is difficult to not share the news since we are so excited, but we know it is too early do that yet. Thank you so much for allowing us to share here on your site! Even better is we can save the extras for the next baby since the tests don’t expire until January of 2014.”

-Lisa & Dan

Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - November 14, 2011


This is our first pregnancy. I received this positive today, 11/13/11, but I received another on 11/11/11 that was lighter. This month (our first trying) we used preseed and I charted my temperatures. The baby is expected July 26th, 2012. We couldn’t be happier! :)”

-Eboni T

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - November 3, 2011


-Kim V.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - October 25, 2011


“after just one try, we got our BFP! at only 11 days past ovulation. We will be welcoming baby#3 in June of 2012!!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - Friday - October 14, 2011


“In August 2010, my first child was stillborn. DH and I started trying again in October of that year, but I wasn’t ovulating. My doctor prescribed Clomid two months ago, and I am finally pregnant! This test is 16 DPO.”

-Allie M.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Friday - October 7, 2011


“This was 10 DPO! Very faint positive line. I followed up the next day w a digital test and it was also positive. ;))”