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Positive Pregnancy Test (page 8)

Want to share your BFP (big fat positive)? Send us your positive pregnancy test and we'll add it to our gallery. Please send email to:

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“I took the test yesterday September 6th and it as positive!! We bought the FertilAid for men and Count Boost and FertilCM. We didn’t have very high hopes because he had tried for 5 years and wasn’t able to have a baby and we were sooo close to going to a doctor but my best friend told me about this site and we decided to try it and it actually worked! This is like a miracle baby to this family, we are so blessed! Thank you so much!”

-Alisha T

Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - August 16, 2011


“I got my BFP on July 20th! We’ve struggled with infertility for 9 years. I am so happy and excited for this baby! I also used your opk tests and got a positive on July 6th. These tests work great! My BFF actually got a darker line on your pregnancy tests than she did on the First Response early results pregnancy test:) Great product!!!!!”

-Christee W.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - July 26, 2011

Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - July 26, 2011


“Thank you so much.. Just 10 days after Ovulation I got two positive tests! Best thing ever! We are expecting number two March 28th!”

-Brooke K

Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - July 5, 2011


“We had been trying for #2 for several months and were shocked to when I got these positives this week! I thought for sure this cycle was anovulatory because it was so long (40+ days) and I have PCOS- obviously, we were wrong! I *think* this is about 14 dpo (I took some other tests to confirm, as well). I love your ovulation and pregnancy tests- they are incredibly accurate and very inexpensive- great for Pee-On-A-Stick-aholics like myself! We used your products when TTC our first son, as well, and I recommend them to everyone!”

-Jessica M. W.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - July 5, 2011


“I love early-pregnancy-tests products! The ovulation strips and pregnancy strips are completely reliable and the prices are unbeatable. Not to mention the fact it typically only takes two days to get your order. I took their 10 mlU/ml test and found out just 9 DPO and an extremely faint line showed up. As days went on the line continually became darker. This is my test at 14 DPO. I’d recommend these products to anyone TTC! This is my first baby and I know in the future with others I’ll always use their kits and tests. Thanks so much.”

- Lindsay H.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Wednesday - June 22, 2011


“I received a positive test, just 12 days after getting a positive ovulation test, using the 10 ml Hcg tests. I also received a faint line on the 20 ml tests too! I couldn’t believe I was getting positive tests before my missed period! Just sooo happy with these tests!”

-Marissa V.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - June 6, 2011


“I got this bfp after three months of trying on 15 dpo using a 20 hcg test strip. I also got a very faint line at 13 dpo with a 10 hcg test strip, but it was very hard to see and my dh thought I was imagining it :) The line has slowly gotten darker each day and I confirmed it with a digital test at 14 dpo. This month we used the ovulation strips and I realized that I ovulated much later than I thought I did, they worked perfectly. I can’t recommend this product enough to anyone who likes to be able to test as much as they want without it ruining your bank account. They showed a hint of a line before any expensive test you can buy. Thanks so much for such a great product!!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - Wednesday - April 27, 2011


“Here is a pic of the tests I have taken.They all have positive results! Your tests are great! I also got a generic test to use, too, that is at the bottom and the most recent one. I ran out of your tests! LOL! Thanks so much! I used your ovulation ones,too,and already sent those pics in to you.”

-Lauren D.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Friday - April 15, 2011


“We are so excited to be expecting baby #2″


Positive Pregnancy Test - March 21, 2011 03/21/11

“Here are all my BFPs! The first four are the 10 mIU/ml hCG tests, and the last one is a 20 mIU/ml hCG test. After suffering an ectopic in September 2010, these are a very welcome sight. Thanks!”