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Positive Pregnancy Test (page 2)

Want to share your BFP (big fat positive)? Send us your positive pregnancy test and we'll add it to our gallery. Please send email to:

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Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - October 24, 2013


“Positive test!”

-Anna S.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - October 7, 2013


“Well, we got our clear positive on the OPK after only 2 days on our very first cycle using it, and then a faint positive on the pregnancy test strips (and getting stronger daily) only 11 days PO! This strip is from 13 DPO. Thank you!”

Positive Pregnancy Test - September 30th, 2013


“First time using ovulation kits and I got a BFP!”

-Andrea H.

Positive Pregnancy Test - September 29th, 2013


“I got my first BFP at 14DPO, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Thank you very much, im excited and my 3rd baby is due on 25th May 14.”


Positive Pregnancy Test - June 20th, 2013



I just got a positive and I’m so excited. I’m really grateful for the inexpensive tests and for the photo gallery of all the faint positives. I normally get very horrible migraines just prior to every period. I was feeling great and hoping that this was sign of pregnancy. I took one of the tests 4 days before my period and it really looks like a negative in the picture but I could swear that I could see a little ’something’ almost a shadow. I took a First Response Digital and it was negative. The next day I still felt ‘pregnant’ and great compared to my usual migrainey self. Took one in the morning with a ’something’ kind of there….took another when I got home from work (hey what are cheap pregnancy tests for!) and this one there was definitely a faded line….

Lined them up in order the first being the four day one that I though I saw a hint of something…the other are three day ones.

Keep your chin up ladies and stay hopeful, good luck to all you TTC’ers out there!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - May 13th, 2013


“Hello! My name is Heather. This is the BFP that I got this morning – May 13, 2013. My husband and I have two beautiful children, ages 6 and 3. We lost our first baby to a miscarriage, and had two more miscarriages (one was twins) between our son and our daughter. We wanted to have a third, and did not seem to be getting pregnant as quickly as we had in the past (guess we’re getting OLD)! So I bought Fertilaid while it was on sale along with some pregnancy tests just over a month ago. I started the Fertilaid right away, but still had a period that month. The next month I felt my ovulation symptoms were definately far more noticeable than before. Well, sure enough! I tried taking a test a few days early, but it was negative. I have never had an early test come out positive, so I waited until the day after my expected period and here it is! Our BFP! We are so excited, as this will probably be the last addition to our family. Praying this wee one hangs on, as I now will trade in the Fertilaid for progesterone supplements. Great products and great tests! Thank you!”

-Heather, Manitoba, Canada

Positive Pregnancy Test - May 6th, 2013


“Thanks so much for a quality, affordable product. I am very impatient and have to test frequently. The picture shows (top to bottom) 11 dpo, 12 dpo, and 14 dpo. I couldn’t believe it!! After six months of TTC I got my first BFP so early.. The first was 4 days before my missed period. Thanks again!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - April 24th, 2013


“A friend recommended your tests to me after having a good experience with them. I’m glad I listened! My husband and I finally decided to try to start a family and in the first month I missed my period! The top test is from the second day of my missed period (15 DPO), then the third, and the fourth. If I hadn’t had seen THIS gallery and all of the POSITIVE, yet faint tests, I’m sure I would have driven myself crazy trying to figure out if we were pregnant or not. Or, I would have concluded that I wasn’t. We had a big event this past weekend that included a full, hosted bar, and if I hadn’t had your tests and this gallery, I surely would have enjoyed a few drinks. Armed with the knowledge that I was newly pregnant, I politely abstained. THANK YOU for posting all these photos. They are so helpful for the first timer in trying to figure things out. The bottom test is from this morning, 7 days after the first day I missed my period (20 DPO). Pretty obvious now and we are thrilled! Thanks!”

-Jenny F. from Seattle

Positive Pregnancy Test - April 5th, 2013


“I recently bought some ovaboost from your site and started taking it right away. I knew had had already O’d but i wanted to go ahead and get a head start. To my suprise we received a very faint + on 13 dpo with the internet strip. I don’t know if it was the ovaboost or just luck but we did it!! I didnt temp or anything this month! Our due date is December 14!! I would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone to try ovaboost. It has a funny after taste but I swear that it helped during implantation! Thank you!”

-Sara R.

Positive Pregnancy Test - March 11th, 2012


“My husband and I have been trying for over six months. I used an ovulation test and the top stick shows the first day of my missed period. Because of the great price, ease of use and having several tests available I was able to test multiple days. Our first ultrasound is in two weeks. We are so excited and thankful. Thank you for your wonderful tests that helped us coordinate ovulation etc. We have our fingers crossed!”

-Suzanne S.