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Positive Pregnancy Test (page 2)

Want to share your BFP (big fat positive)? Send us your positive pregnancy test and we'll add it to our gallery. Please send email to:

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Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - March 11, 2014


“It’s very faint but it’s their been trying for 3 months had others but this one is the darkest so far at 20dpo expecting our third little one in December :) soo excited”

-Savannah C.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - February 17, 2014


Positive Test

-Bertha S.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - February 10, 2014



-Jenny P

Positive Pregnancy Test - Wednesday - January 15, 2014


“Hello my name is Kristen, my husband and I have been trying for two years to get pregnant. I had a laparoscopy in October and we conceived in December, this was taken 16 dpo. We loved the ovulation tests as they gave us the exact day to try and it worked!!! We are expecting a baby on Sept 10, 2014!!”

-Kristen R.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - January 9, 2014


“I’ve been using ovulation and pregnancy test strips off and on for years. I love them!

We have 5 beautiful children and decided to try for just one more. I got pregnant last summer using these products, but sadly it ended in miscarriage. We decided to try one more time, and I got my first positive on New Year’s Eve at 12 DPO! We’re hoping to have better luck this time! Since it’s my last pregnancy, I decided to use the rest of my test strips and see the progression of the positive result getting darker. The last few are all about the same, but it was still fun to see!”

-Jessaca P.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday, January 2, 2014


“I ordered your products the first month I came off birth control and began taking the ovulation tests around the predicted time of ovulation. My ovulation test showed positive after a few days of testing and about two and a half weeks later I received a positive pregnancy test! Your products are affordable and helped us pinpoint the best time to try. Thank you!”

-Ashley L.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Wednesday - December 11, 2013


“So after over a year of going to an infertility specialist, and 3 years off of birth control. I found your site and I could not take the emotional roller coaster any more so I told myself this is the last month! I ordered 7 test because at that price I could continue to retest until I got it out of my system :) after month and month of neg results I took the first test at 13 dpo and I saw something! my husband thought I was crazy but I told him I have 6 more test and am not losing hope. Here is the day by day increase. I went in for blood work and the doctors office confirmed what your test had already done so!”

“If it wasn’t for this gallery I would have thought the test was negative and lost hope but seeing some of the faint positives gave me hope! I am 4 weeks and due in Aug! Thank you so much only regret is that I did find you sooner :)”

-Angie M

Positive Pregnancy Test - Saturday - November 30th, 2013


“13dpo & 14dpo….baby #3!!! November 29 & 30″

-Victoria R.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - October 28, 2013


“First month trying and using your products. Ordered opks right away and took one as soon as they come in the mail. It was positive! I would not have expected this since it was so late in my cycle but it worked! Had my iud removed in Sept and already have a positive at 13dpo. Oct 25th. Didn’t know whether to believe it since it seemed too good to be true so I bought a digital test and still came out positive! Welcome baby number 3! Thank you so much!”

-Amy M.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - October 24, 2013


“Positive test!”

-Anna S.