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Positive Pregnancy Test (page 13)

Want to share your BFP (big fat positive)? Send us your positive pregnancy test and we'll add it to our gallery. Please send email to:

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Positive Ovulation Test - June 22, 2010

Positive Pregnancy Test


I took the ovulation test and had a positive on June 1st. I then took the pregnancy test on Father’s Day and my husband and I couldn’t be more happy. Great product! We would both recommend to anyone! They were not only a good price but came on time and worked perfect! Just check out the pictures!!!

-Kelly and Eric K.

Positive Pregnancy Test - June 21, 2010


I have had two miscarriages in the last 9 months, and today we got a BFP pregnancy test! We are so excited!”

-Crystal S.

Positive Pregnancy Test - June 21, 2010

Positive Pregnancy Test - June 21, 2010


The picture is with the “colors inverted” to show the line better. We were TTC our second for 9 cycles. I finally got some of your ovulation predictor kits and the first month I misread the result and missed my ovulation. The second month (cycle 9) we hit it! This picture is the test I took at 10 days past ovulation. I was shocked! I thought I was imagining the line. BFP on 4/19/09 @ 10dpo Here’s a pic of the result. Thank you!

-Sheila G.

Positive Pregnancy Test - June 18, 2010 06/18/10

My husband and I had been TTC for four months when we started the fertility supplements for men and women. Only two months later we got our BFP. And because your tests are so sensitive, we found out as early as we possibly could–on Mother’s Day!”

-Dorothy W.

Positive Pregnancy Test - June 18, 2010


We got a BFP on 06.15.10! 13 DPO. Saw a faint line at 10 DPO!

AND we got a positive OPK on 06.01.10 Great cheap tests! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

-Gina L.

Positive Pregnancy Test - June 16, 2010


-Katie V.

Positive Pregnancy Test - June 7, 2010


We have been ttc for 8 months and finally decided to use preseed lubricant along with Clomid. It worked in 2 months! The bottom picture has a very faint postive line so I waited 2 more days and took another one (just to make sure) and got a much darker second line! Thank you!


Positive Pregnancy Test - June 2, 2010


Been TTC since Feb (after having IUD removed), and had to wait 2 months to get period after removal. But then after only 2 months of REALLY trying (we skipped a month to avoid having too close a birthday as our daughter) we’re pregnant!!! I’m so excited and amazed that the test showed positive so early. 8-11 days after conception and 6 days before missed period.

Thank you for having this gallery of pictures. I wouldn’t have been convinced that the faint lines were for real without seeing everyone’s positive results. I will recommend your products to anyone I know TTC – they are a great deal and work BETTER than what is in the stores for about 10x the price. Thank you so much!

-Meagan B.

Positive Pregnancy Test - May 24, 2010


i bought your pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. I’ve been ttc for almost a years and nuttin, i’ve recently went out the pill just last month, im happy to say im pregnant , it happend so fast i cant even believe it. I have endometriosis and i thought it was hard to get pregnant cuz i tried but i guess its only good who knows when the right time is.

-Vanessa P.

Positive Pregnancy Test - May 18, 2010 05/18/10

Hello! I bought the Conception Combo #2 Pack and the first time I used an ovulation test strip it was positive. At the time I didn’t believe it was positive because the line was light and I had ovulated early. But tests a few days later showed no test line at all. On 4/13 (17 days after the positive ovulation test), I got the BFP! It’s a faint line, but it’s there. I’m now 9 weeks and due in December. Thanks for a great product that’s easy to use, accurate, and so much more affordable than the drug store tests!

-Amanda C.