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What Exactly Is a Positive Pregnancy Test?

On the surface, this seems to be an easy question. After all, everyone knows a positive pregnancy test is one with 2 lines present – a control line and a test line. But what if the test line is faint? What if I put my pregnancy test in the garbage can, thinking it's negative, but come back hours later to find a second line present?

Technically, a positive pregnancy test is one in which ANY test line is visible within the interpretation time frame, assuming proper testing procedure was used. It might be faint, or it might be bolder than the control line – it simply depends upon the concentration of hcg present. Higher levels of hcg result in bolder test lines; lower levels correspond with a fainter test line. This is why you'll see many examples of customers submitting a series of positive pregnancy test images, ranging from light to dark in intensity of test line and taken over a series of days as hcg levels increased.

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Positive Pregnancy Test - Tue, November 29, 2016




Positive Pregnancy Test - Tue, May 3, 2016




Positive Pregnancy Test - Sun, Feb 7, 2016




Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday, Dec 21, 2015


"My husband and I decided to start trying for our third so I bought a package of ten pregnancy test strips. Started testing early and got my first super faint positive on 9 dpo (top test). Tested again with FMU on 10 dpo, 11 dpo, 12 dpo, 13 dpo, and 15 dpo."

-Alyssa W

Positive Pregnancy Test - Saturday, November 7, 2015


“My order can on time, and the product was well packaged with full detailed instructions. I would purchase from them again if needed.”

-Katrina, Houston, TX

Positive Pregnancy Test - Sunday, October 25, 2015


“It's a very cheap way to have a very easy and fast pregnancy test!”

-Audrey-Anne, Montreal, QC

Positive Pregnancy Test - Wed, Oct 21, 2015



-Maya, Brooklyn NY

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thu, Feb 26, 2015


“Here is the picture and our story. Thank you!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - Sat, Feb 7, 2015


“Love your company – such quick service! Just got a positive test this morning with our third :). Today is 3 days before my period was due!”

-Jenn B.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Wed, Nov 19, 2014



-Keisha T.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Sun, September 28, 2014


“I see you still have my picture of my positive test in 2010 – my son is 4 now! We were trying for #4, and I remembered being happy with your tests so I bought 20 of them and tested early and often. My first positive showed at 9 dpo. I noticed you are using a different test as of recently, and I was a bit worried the quality might not be as great as before, but they definitely are just as good as ever. Thanks again for a high quality, affordable test!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - Wednesday - July 30, 2014


“After 5 months of TTC, I finally got a faint BFP on 13 DPO. I was a bit skeptical, so I waited and tested 3 more times (all still faint) and told my husband. Since last week I had abdominal pain and went to the ER since my Dr thought I had appendicitis or ectopic pregnancy, I was nervous to keep testing. Yesterday I went for bloodwork to check my HCG levels and got the call today that my levels are good and took another urine test, and my lines are much darker! I’m so excited! Still anxious that something could go wrong, but trying to be positive. Thank you for making affordable, discreet and easy to use tests! I also used your OPKs and they are fantastic as well. Thanks EPT!”

-Ang H.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Friday - July 25, 2014
Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - July 31, 2014


“First pic is July 25, & second is July 31, we have been trying for months, finally we tried your fertile aid for men and I tried some of the female products and within the month we conceived!!! :)”

-Shannon P. of Mississippi

Positive Pregnancy Test - Monday - July 14, 2014


“Positive test!”

-Carmel T.

Positive Pregnancy Test - Thursday - July 3, 2014


“Third time’s a charm! Got a BFP on our 3rd month TTC. A very faint line showed up at 12dpo. Took 4 more tests that day and all had faint lines. Still skeptical, I bought two tests at the drug store the next day (13dpo) and both came out positive. Went to the doctor and had an
ultrasound at 4w3d, all they could see was the gestational sac, but they did confirm pregnancy. Thanks for your amazing products and speedy delivery (my orders arrive 2 days after I order)”


Positive Pregnancy Test - Tuesday - July 1, 2014


“Positive pregnancy test!”


Positive Pregnancy Test - Friday - May 30, 2014


“Hi, my name is Desiree and my SO and I have been TTC for 8 months and I finally got my BFP!!! This is about 17 DPO and was so shocked I was 3 days late already and feeling some crazy symptoms and I just KNEW!! I’ve been using these strips like crazy every month (good thing I bought in bulk!) and this was the time the odds were ever in my favor! (: I am expecting my second little one on February 4, 2015!”