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Positive Ovulation Test Gallery (Page 3)

Want to share your positive ovulation tests? Send us a picture and we'll proudly post it in our ovulation test gallery (with just your first name and last initial, of course). Send email to:

Positive Ovulation Test - Wednesday - December 26th, 2012


I have PCOS and very irregular periods. I have had the unfortunate experience of going through 4 miscarriages and 1 death of a preterm baby boy. My husband and I have decided to give the baby thing one last go and haven’t been able to conceive. I purchased a conception kit (the ovulation and pregnancy test strip combo) and I also purchased the Fertile Balance Progesterone cream. Because I do not have regular periods at all (can go months without having one) I had no idea when to start testing or using the cream. I just picked a date and went for it. I’ve been testing since the 9th and finally got (what I think is) a BFP on my ovulation stick! My fingers are crossed and it’s going to be very hard to wait 2 weeks to see if a BFP appears on pregnancy test too!!! Got the perfect names picked out, now just need the baby to name. :)

-J.L. W, SW Oklahoma

Positive Ovulation Test - Friday - December 7th, 2012


"Thanks :)”

-Vanessa H.

Positive Ovulation Test - Wednesday - November 28, 2012


"Thank you!!”

-Christy B.

Positive Ovulation Test - Sunday - November 18, 2012


“My husband and I have been trying for 7 months to get pregnant. I got the smallest conception kit plus two of your early level 10 pregnancy tests. I ovulated on CD 21 (I was ovulating late!) and got a super early faint positive on 13 DPO, two days before expected period. It’s been so fun watching the line get darker and our first ultrasound is next Friday!!! I’m so excited. We’ve been trying so long and we are so happy and looking forward to this experience. Thank you for your product, it make it affordable and let me take as many tests as I wanted without waiting so much money. Thank you!! “

-Emily C.

Positive Ovulation Test - Sunday - October 7, 2012


“I have to share my pics..i have very irregular cycles and kept getting faint lines only and my BBT was all over…i ordered Fertili Tea and noticed an immediate change in my BBT readings, kind of like if they stabilized…. 14 days later i get my first positive OPK result after 55days of negatives… Dont give up ladies…be patient..i recommend the tea”


Positive Ovulation Test - Saturday, September 15, 2012


“Hi there! Attached is a photo of what I believe to be a positive ovulation test! It is a bit darker in person :)”

Jamie D.

Positive Ovulation Test - Tuesday, August 21, 2012


“Finally got a positive ovulation test! Fingers crossed I’ll be posting a positive pregnancy test in a couple of weeks! Thank you”

Kelly T.

Positive Ovulation Test - Sunday, July 8, 2012


Submitted by Courtney J.

Positive Ovulation Test - Wednesday, June 13, 2012


“Hi! I am posting this to help anyone who has a “fade in” effect. I spent many hours browsing picture after picture to be sure whether what I was seeing was a possible positive…then, today I got THIS. Today’s test is on the bottom, and the two tests prior (yesterday in the AM & PM) were both rather dark as well. I was only SURE when I got today’s test (@ 12 noon) that this was a positive. AND it wasn’t even until cycle day 30!!! So don’t give up, just keep on testin’!!!! =)”


Positive Ovulation Test - Thursday - May 10, 2012


“I am on CD 21 and finally got my positive I was thinking of giving up and not testing, increased fluid so happy I know im still ovulating been TTC since M/C in march. Hopefully next is an identical pregnancy test.”

-Shawna R.