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Positive Ovulation Test - Monday - November 25th, 2013


“Trying for our second. Praying this will be our month. These tests give us that much more hope. Thank you for these awesome kits!”

-Stephanie A

Positive Ovulation Test - Sunday - November 24th, 2013


“Since giving birth to first child ( which I conceived while using these test) my cycle has been all over the place so I finally decided to start using them again and after a week I got 3 positives in the last 2 days! It really takes the frustration out of trying to conceive , very excited!”

-Melody A.

Positive Ovulation Test - Saturday - October 26th, 2013


“First cycle after iud removal. Had positive opk on day 23. Way later than I expected. Glad I had the tests to know! Thank you!”

-Amy F.

Positive Ovulation Test - October 13th, 2013


“I have been trying to convince for 2 years. I know it is so difficult for me to get pregnant as I have POCS and my period is very irregular. It can come once in between two months and five months. I never know when I ovulate even though I use BBT chart. I guess it is because my cycle is too long, so it so hard to track. This is my first month to use the ovulation strip and I have started to test since Day 23. When it was about my Day 40, I doubted if the ovulation strip works for me or not. I just keep trying to test it every day till Day 50. I finally got two dark lines. Here is my positive result. I’ll use pregnancy test 2 weeks later! “

-Phoebe C.

Positive Ovulation Test - October 12th, 2013


“I have irregular cycles so I wasn’t sure when I would ovulate. First time I’ve done these and finally got a positive on CD 21! Fingers crossed!”

-Stacie W.

Positive Ovulation Test - October 6th, 2013


“This positive is a week after what my phone app said I was ovulating. So happy I used these test and didn’t miss this chance to try.”

-Brittany T.

Positive Ovulation Test - October 2nd, 2013


“This was our first month using the OPK test strips, and we got the most obvious, clear positive! the mid afternoon daily test was just a little darker than the day before, so we tested again at 8pm and BAM, there it was. Hoping for a positive PT soon!”

Positive Pregnancy Test - September 30th, 2013


“First time using ovulation kits and I got a BFP!”

-Andrea H.

Positive Ovulation Test - June 15th, 2013


“The first month of trying for a baby I was rushed to the hospital and a cantaloupe sized cyst was found on my ovary. Since it required surgery and removal of part of my right ovary, we were nervous having a baby might be harder than we thought. After we got the OK to try for a baby again I wanted to make sure I was ovulating. Im pretty certain these are positives on day 11 and 12! Hopefully I will be posting a BFP test soon :)”

-Nina D.

Positive Ovulation Test - May 15th, 2013



I used a store brand of ovulation predictors back in February and fell pregnant right when it said I should with the positive results. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in miscarriage a month later. After having a D&C early April, I wasn’t sure what my cycle would be like so I bought the 50 pack of your ovulation strips just so I could test as much as possible after my period returned. Turns out cycle day 12 was my surge and my husband and I are making the most of it. Hopefully my second post will be of a BFP on a pregnancy strip in a couple weeks, and that baby will stick!

Thank you for making the test strips very affordable! It’s a great piece of mind to have some help in understanding our cycles and just how wacky they can be.”

-Soozy M.