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Conception Combo #2 - Test Strip "Deluxe" PackConception Combo #2 - Test Strip "Deluxe" Pack
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $24.95
(368 Reviews)
Ovulation Tests - Test Strip FormatOvulation Tests - Test Strip Format
$1.10, 10/$10.60, 20/$18.00, 50/$30.00, 100/$55.00
(916 Reviews)
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Postive Ovulation Test Gallery (Page 2)

Want to share your positive ovulation tests? Send us a picture and we'll proudly post it in our ovulation test gallery (with just your first name and last initial, of course). Send email to:

Positive Pregnancy Test - September 30th, 2013


“First time using ovulation kits and I got a BFP!”

-Andrea H.

Positive Ovulation Test - June 15th, 2013


“The first month of trying for a baby I was rushed to the hospital and a cantaloupe sized cyst was found on my ovary. Since it required surgery and removal of part of my right ovary, we were nervous having a baby might be harder than we thought. After we got the OK to try for a baby again I wanted to make sure I was ovulating. Im pretty certain these are positives on day 11 and 12! Hopefully I will be posting a BFP test soon :)”

-Nina D.

Positive Ovulation Test - May 15th, 2013



I used a store brand of ovulation predictors back in February and fell pregnant right when it said I should with the positive results. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in miscarriage a month later. After having a D&C early April, I wasn’t sure what my cycle would be like so I bought the 50 pack of your ovulation strips just so I could test as much as possible after my period returned. Turns out cycle day 12 was my surge and my husband and I are making the most of it. Hopefully my second post will be of a BFP on a pregnancy strip in a couple weeks, and that baby will stick!

Thank you for making the test strips very affordable! It’s a great piece of mind to have some help in understanding our cycles and just how wacky they can be.”

-Soozy M.

Positive Ovulation Test - May 4th, 2013


“After months of taking these tests I finally got positives!!! Turns out, I had been testing at the wrong time of day for me. Testing in the afternoon doesn’t work for my body. My body is on a night schedule so I have to test in the early evening or at night. Hopefully soon I can follow-up with pictures of positive pregnancy tests before the end of the month (May 2013) **Fingers crossed**”

-Kendra M.

Positive Ovulation Test - April 14th, 2013


“OPK progression”

-Rachel S.

Positive Ovulation Test - March 26, 2013


“Thanks for providing an affordable option!! This is my first full cycle off bc and I wasn’t even sure if I was going to ovulate after being on two different forms of BC for 3 years. Now I know for sure!!!”

-Mary D.

Positive Ovulation Test - March 14, 2013


“Positive ovulation test on cd16.”

-Tara R.

Positive Ovulation Test - Friday, February 15, 2013


“Just wanted to send my thanks to your company! The ovulation tests helped us to realize that we were ovulation much later than we thought! And with as affordable as they are we can test at least twice a day! Hopefully my next post will be on the pregnancy board! Good luck to all!!”

-Amy L.

Positive Ovulation Test - Friday, February 1, 2013


“I have a very irregular cycle, so I’ve been testing every day since my period ended. I finally got a BFP on cycle day 21 which is a great thing to see :)

Thank you!”

-Regan T.

Positive Ovulation Test - Tuesday, January 22, 2013


“My husband and I decided to try this test after viewing all these photos. Its my first month using the ovulation test. How amazing it is to tract my LH level as well as my cervical discharge. It reassure me my ovulation is on day 14-15 and LH drops right on day 16 when my discharge increases as the same time. How accurate it is. Hopefully I will be showing my positive pregnancy test soon.”

-Janice M.