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New Feature! We're in the process of compiling a Positive Ovulation Test Photo Gallery - and we need your positive ovulation test pictures to do it.

As you probably already know, getting a positive result on an ovulation test is one of the most exciting times of the month. After all, it represents your best opportunity to get pregnant. (If you'd like to purchase ovulation tests, click here.)

Let us help you document this special occasion! Snap a digital photo of your positive test and email it to us. We'll give it the exposure it deserves and post it here (with just your first name and last initial, of course). Send email to:

Positive Ovulation Test - Fri, Sep 26, 2014


“Positive Ovulation Test! I’m hoping this month is the month:) Trying for our second child for over a year.”


Positive Ovulation Test - Wednesday - July 16, 2014


“Ttc 2nd baby 2 years 7 months hoping for a bfp :)”

-Emma L.

Positive Ovulation Test - Sunday - July 13, 2014


“This is month one of trying. Because I knew when the beginning of the surge was we were able to do the bd 2 days before the surge and within 3 hours of the surge. Fingers crossed for a positive pregnancy test in 10 days!”

-Shauna H.

Positive Ovulation Test - Friday - June 6, 2014


“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 9 months now. I have PCOS so my cycles are so irregular. Anywhere from 35-80 days per cycle. It’s impossible to time when ovulation is. These test strips took the guess work out if it! I tested every evening and got my positive ovulation test on cycle day 33. Hoping for a BFP soon!”

-Allison C.

Positive Ovulation Test - Saturday - April 26th, 2014




Positive Ovulation Test - Monday - April 7, 2014


“Trying to conceive for past 5.5 yrs.. Fingers crossed!”


Positive Ovulation Test - Tuesday - March 25th, 2014


“Positive Ovulation Test!”

-Amber R.

Positive Ovulation Test - Saturday - March 22, 2014


“Thank you so much for your products! Didn’t realize I ovulated so late. Been at it like rabbits! Hope to post a positive HCG soon:-)”

-Sammi S.

Positive Ovulation Test - Tuesday - February 11, 2014



-Caitlyn H

Positive Ovulation Test - Monday - January 13, 2014



I wanted to share my wonderful experience using your products. Here is a picture of my testing performed three days before I received my first peak reading this morning January 13, 2014. These wonderful tests were able to detect my surge as sooner as I expected. This is a great product and would definitely recommend to those who are trying to conceive.

Thank you Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com!”