What's to Love

  • Small, easy-to-swallow size
  • Take just one per day
  • Less than $9 a month
  • 100% Daily Value of essential nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy
  • Gentle on sensitive stomachs

PeaPod Prenatal

by Fairhaven Health (60 ct)

1 - 1 units$14.95 each
2 - 2 units$14.47 each
3 - or more units$14.32 each
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PeaPod Prenatal

Peapod Prenatal Supplement FactsPeaPod Prenatal is a prenatal supplement for pregnant and nursing mothers, and can also be an excellent nutritional choice for women who are actively trying-to-conceive. These once daily prenatal vitamins are all-natural, and guaranteed to delivery high quality and potency 100% of the Daily Value of essential nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy.

With no artificial additives or preservatives, PeaPod Prenatal provides just the right amount (not too much, not too little) of key nutrients like iron, vitamin C, vitamin A (as beta-carotene), and folic acid—important in preventing birth defects. It also includes antioxidants to cleanse the body of oxidizing free radicals and promote optimum reproductive health.

The small, easy-to-swallow pills should be easy on early pregnancy sensitive stomachs. PeaPod Prenatal reviews indicate that women do not experience nausea or other side effects when taking these vitamins. Another plus? They're a great value at less than $9 a month.

Recommended Use: Take one PeaPod Prenatal Vitamin daily.

60 ct bottle (2 month supply)

PeaPod Prenatal Highlights

  • Contain no artificial dyes or colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Take only one tablet a day for the perfect balance of essential vitamins, including Folic Acid
  • Provides Vitamin A from beta-carotene
  • Comes in a small, easy-to-swallow tablets
  • Perfect for sensitive stomachs

The Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamin Formula:

Folic Acid | 800 mcg

According to the most recent FDA recommendations, a daily folic acid supplement of 800 mcg is highly recommended, especially for women who are trying to conceive or in the first trimester of pregnancy. According to numerous studies, folic acid has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of birth defects, specifically the neural tube defect known as Spina Bifida. Doctors even recommend folic acid supplementation for all women of childbearing age (as many pregnancies are unplanned).

Vitamin A | 5000 IU

As beta carotene, the healthiest form of Vitamin A. Fights infections and supports the healthy fetal development of the eyes.

Iron | 27 mg

Essential to the formation of red blood cells and healthy fetal development.

Vitamin C | 60 mg

Helps you absorb iron and is vital to fetal tissue and cellular growth. Vitamin C also plays an important role in fighting infection, tissue repair, and healing.

Vitamin B6 & B12

Helps fetal tissue and skin development, supports brain function, prevents anemia and supports normal function of enzymes systems.

Vitamin D | 400 IU

Vitamin D supports fetal development of healthy teeth and bones.

From Iodine and Zinc to Copper and Vitamin K, PeaPod Prenatal is rich in vitamins and minerals central to a strong reproductive system, to fetal development, and to both mother and baby health during pregnancy and nursing.

About Fairhaven Health

Fairhaven Health has been the leading developer of effective and safe fertility and pregnancy products since 2001. Located in Bellingham, Washington, Fairhaven Health collaborates with doctors, OBGYNs, nutritionists, nurses, naturopaths and leading maternity experts to create fertility and pregnancy support products with outstanding efficacy. Thousands of happy new parents attest to the results generated from this collaboration between modern science and clinically-supported herbal medicine. Affiliated with the American Pregnancy Association and endorsed by celebrity TTC mom Rosie Pope, Fairhaven Health manufactures its products in the USA to the highest quality standards.

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PeaPod Prenatal Customer Reviews

PeaPod Prenatal
3 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
2 Stars

March 24, 2016
I have been trying to take these vitamins, but they smell. After I take it, I feel nauseous. I am not sure what is in these pills, but I am not sure how long I will be able to take them.

Darwin, Australia
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

All Rounder Vitamin Pre-During-After
August 26, 2015
This is a great..product! Have been on this for many years now with great and quick results. Starting with my nail growth and overall general well being. This is a great all-round vitamin to take Pre pregnancy, and After. On a side note - if you are TTC (Trying To Conceive) Fertilaid has everything that you need for Pre pregnancy, During and After (will give my review on Fertilaid also)
Has everything you need for Pre-During-After pregnancy. Great results and quick. Small tablet.
Does give me an upset acid in my tummy feel (nothing that deters me off this product or stops me from taking it)

PeaPod Prenatal