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Saliva Ovulation Predictor

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Ovulite is a “personal ovulation microscope” - an easy-to-use test that allows you to pinpoint your most fertile time!

Ovulite operates on the principle that saliva – when you are on the verge of ovulating - forms a “ferning” pattern when it dries. These fern-like patterns (which appear like frost on a windowpane) are easily observable through the Ovulite ocular lens which is capable of a 40X magnification.

By observing changes in your saliva patterns, you can predict ovulation -with 98% accuracy. "Ferning" patterns (#3) indicate ovulation and peak fertility. Ovulite is FDA-registered and very easy to use.

Ovulite consists of a small, cylindrical container about the size of a lipstick tube, a high-quality focalizable eyepiece, and a small slide where the saliva sample is placed and illuminated with an LED light when a button is pressed.

Advantages of Ovulite include:

Access to a toll-free helpline – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
An unconditional money-back guarantee!
A 98% accuracy! Easy-to-use with virtually no learning curve!
Unlimited testing – completely re-usable!
Comes with a free carrying case and a detailed instruction book.
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Important Note: At this time, Ovulite is out-of-stock indefinitely.

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