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When you're trying to conceive, timing is everything. Our ovulation predictor kits help you pinpoint your fertile window; ovulation tests verify that it's time. Women love our selection because they're accurate, affordable, easy-to-use and highly sensitive. Ovulation test strips are the same style of test used in fertility clinics, and the midstream test is the same style as the home tests sold in drugstores. Both types are over 99% accurate.

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BFP Ovulation Test Strips
BFP Midstream Ovulation Tests
FSH Test Strips
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Fertility Midstream Tests
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Sample Collection Cup
Digital Basal Thermometer
ibasal Digital Basal Thermometer
OvaCue Fertility Monitor
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OvaCue Mobile Fertility Monitor
Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Test
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Reviews of Our Ovulation Tests

Very accurate
Luci Tampa, Fl January 26, 2016
I like this product. First time using ovulation tests. These are very user friendly.
Accurate tests
Elizabeth Houston January 20, 2016
I used these along with an ovulation calendar app on my phone. The positive ovulation test came almost exactly when the calendar said I would. I am a 28 day cycle almost every month. In December I was early by three days ovulation according to the ovulation test. When my period came it was three days earlier than the predicted calendar date. It all matched up.
Accurate and affordable
Jenny Winter Haven, Fl January 19, 2016
Just ordered these as my husband and I are TTC baby #1. I have used them for the past few days and no positive yet. The directions are easy to follow. Would highly recommend to anyone TTC.
Helped pinpoint my ovulation
Becky Indiana January 7, 2016
It was my first time using ovulation test. I purchased these on referral from a pregnancy discussion bored. After my miscarriage, I have been paying more attention to my cycles and learned that I have longer cycles and irregular periods at times and the aps that predict my fertility window can be misleading. I started testing on cycle day 10. after a couple weeks of negatives I started to get frustrated, however I was sure I had not ovulated because I also temp. On cycle day 26 I finely got the dark second line and it was clear as day that my surge was happening! Thanks to the affordability of these strips I was able to continue to test daily throughout this long cycle. I don't think I would have been able to afford to test that long otherwise. I have already ordered another pack of 35 for next cycle incase we didn't get pregnant this go around. The test definitely help take the guess work out trying. Praying for BFP soon. PS. Shipping was super fast with both purchases. I got them before the estimated delivery date.
I got my big fat positive!!
stephanie bethlehem, Pennsylvania January 3, 2016
Been trying to conceive on and off for 6 years but never had any results. Saw a review on youtube for this product and decided to try it out. shipping was right on time and got my 1st positive the day I opened my package. Was able to time my baby dance at the perfect time thanks to these ovulation strips. 9 days past ovulation i got the positive pregnancy test i've waited 6 years for. So happy and thankful. These strips and great and will be recommending them to anyone who is ttc.
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