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When you're trying to conceive, timing is everything. Our ovulation predictor kits help you pinpoint your fertile window; ovulation tests verify that it's time. Women love our selection because they're accurate, affordable, easy-to-use and highly sensitive. Ovulation test strips are the same style of test used in fertility clinics, and the midstream test is the same style as the home tests sold in drugstores. Both types are over 99% accurate.

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BFP Ovulation Test Strips
BFP Midstream Ovulation Tests
FSH Test Strips
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Fertility Midstream Tests
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Sample Collection Cup
Digital Basal Thermometer
ibasal Digital Basal Thermometer
OvaCue Fertility Monitor
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Ovacue Mobile Fertility Monitor
Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Test
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Reviews of Our Ovulation Tests

product referral
lydia roberts North Carolina July 16, 2015
I have been using this product for about a week and am starting to see a pattern but I am quite sure it will be easier to identify when I have used for my entire month cycle. I bought this product on high recommendations from friends. I am looking forward to using this product to better understand my most fertile times!
Ovulation Tests Work Great
Jane Los Angeles, CA July 7, 2015
These work perfectly! They have accurately shown the surge right before I ovulate. Though I have yet to get pregnant, I know at least exactly when I ovulate each month with these!
Works perfectly for me
Princess Raleigh, NC July 1, 2015
With this price and the reviews I was glad that I bought it. I was able to monitor my fertile days to get my ovulation day confirm with this test. I will say I am very happy with it. It helps to know that you are doing it right with a great price
Best thermometer hands down
Jenny Huntington, WV June 13, 2015
I used this thermometer for YEARS and it finally quit a few months back. I tried to replace it with a thermometer from a local pharmacy (cause I was about to ovulate & didn't want to miss my temperature shift). It was crap. I went to a different pharmacy....crap! I finally just ordered this one & waited on it. I got one just as reliable as my old one. I'll never own a different one! By the way, don't listen to the reviews that say that it doesn't store your last temp. That's not true!! With the thermometer off, hit the button & HOLD IT down until a temperature appears. That's your last temp.
High Tech Thermometer
Lynsey LI, NY May 31, 2015
So far, things have been going well. It's not that bad having to wake up at the same time every morning to take my temperature (FYI: it takes 5 minutes) and I always fall back asleep afterwards. The instructions are definitely needed as you are learning how to use it. It is involved, but manageable as long as you put in the time to learn.
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