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When you're trying to conceive, timing is everything. Our ovulation predictor kits help you pinpoint your fertile window; ovulation tests verify that it's time. Women love our selection because they're accurate, affordable, easy-to-use and highly sensitive. Ovulation test strips are the same style of test used in fertility clinics, and the midstream test is the same style as the home tests sold in drugstores. Both types are over 99% accurate.

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BFP Ovulation Test Strips
BFP Midstream Ovulation Tests
FSH Test Strips
Sample Collection Cup
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Digital Basal Thermometer
ibasal Digital Basal Thermometer
OvaCue Fertility Monitor
OvaCue Mobile Fertility Monitor
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Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Test
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Reviews of Our Ovulation Tests

First time using this
Nancy Atlanta April 12, 2016
Shipping was really fast.. used my first strip this morning at 7am the second urine. I might change this to a later time as it recommends between 10-8pm. We will see, hopefully this will help me track my ovulation and be pregnant soon. Any feed back on what time did you all test when got a positive test?
Greatest ovulation test
Andria Kerr St Louis, Missouri April 12, 2016
I have tried Walgreen's, Walmart, Answer, & first response. And I found Pregnancy Store, so happy I did. When other tests didn't pick up a positive result, these did. And I did this brand and answer brand both same time, answer was always negative but pregnancy store ones got a definitely positive may times.love these. Definitely will keep ordering from pregnancy Store.
MVZigan St. Paul, MN April 7, 2016
Easy to use, adorable and hopefully this will help me determine my ovulation days. *finger crossed*
Not great but it works
Heidi Winnipeg, MB March 30, 2016
Hard to focus and hard to tell wtf you're looking at, except for that same hair that seems to always be there no matter how many times you clean the lens, however, I totally saw "ferning" the other day after fiddling around with the focusing, and the nerd in me got all excited about science. Don't know if I would rely on it as much as the ovulation pee-sticks because sometimes you just wonder if your saliva sample wasn't done right or if you just aren't focusing properly, but the pros are when you have a super irregular cycle you don't have to go through so many sticks.
Just right!
Shawna San Diego, CA March 24, 2016
The cup is a little small as another reviewer said, but I found it to be just fine. Does the job and the side "handle" is good and sturdy.
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