Free Online Pregnancy Test

Do you think you might be pregnant?

Take our free online pregnancy test and see where you stand! Keep in mind, of course, that only a "real" pregnancy test can give you a definitive answer.

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1. How long is your typical monthly cycle?  21 to 38 Days
2. Average Length of Luteal Phase:  9 to 16 Days
3. What was the date of the start of your last period?   MM/DD/YYYY
4. On what day did you have intercourse?   MM/DD/YYYY
5. Did you have sex on any other days around that time
(plus or minus 2 days)?
 Yes    No
6. Are you using birth control of any kind?  Yes    No
7. How Old Are You?  Ages 18 to 49
8. Are you experience any of the following symptoms?
(check all that apply)
 Lower abdominal cramps
 Food cravings
 Darkening around nipples
 Frequent urination
 Fatigue and tiredness
 Mood swings
 Rise in temperature

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