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Our breastfeeding products include pumps, supplements, nipple creams, nursing pads and much more to support you in nursing your baby. Breastfeeding is a healthy, loving choice—for both of you. Your breast milk is a gift to your baby, nourishing your precious little one’s growing immune system, brain, and emotional needs. Make the most of your milk with our extensive collection of nursing products.

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Breastfeeding Products Reviews

The Best Baby Swaddles EVER!
Kristen Topeka, KS November 24, 2015
For those first several weeks of being new parents--these saved our lives! They were the only swaddles we used after the first week as they worked the best. The light-weight material allowed for easy baby-burrito-making and kept our kid calm and warm. We recommend these to all of our new parent friends and we ended up being 3 of these in different colors as they just were the best.
Love this bracelet!
Denise Phoenix, AZ November 24, 2015
I received my breastfeeding bracelet as a gift when I had my third child and I am thrilled! It has been an answer to my sanity! It's a no-hassle way to keep track of feeding. I love the color (mine's blue) & it's very soft against my skin. Definitely the best invention ever made! My only question is why wasn't it invented SOONER!?
Joyce Albuquerque, NM November 24, 2015
The necklace is just beautiful!! It really is a family heirloom something that can be passed on for generations like the silver baby brushes and rattles traditionally given in the past. So excited to give this as a gift to my new sister in law!
Greg Albuquerque, NM November 24, 2015
Mom was so surprised at how beautiful the necklace was. Even cooler though was how our 3 month old immediately started playing with the ring and putting it in her mouth. Very cool!
Best Swaddle Blanket Ever!!
Gabrielle San Diego, CA November 24, 2015
This is the best swaddle blanket you will ever own! It's actually big enough to swaddle the baby without the blanket coming undone. I received one as a gift and loved it so much I went back and purchased another. I do not use ANY of the other receiving blankets I previously owned. The Ultimate Swaddle Blanket is WONDERFUL!!!
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