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Our breastfeeding products include pumps, supplements, nipple creams, nursing pads and much more to support you in nursing your baby. Breastfeeding is a healthy, loving choice—for both of you. Your breast milk is a gift to your baby, nourishing your precious little one’s growing immune system, brain, and emotional needs. Make the most of your milk with our extensive collection of nursing products.

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Breastfeeding Products Reviews

Great Price and Product
Kelli Washington DC June 12, 2015
I am a nursing mother, and occasionally enjoy a glass of wine the Milkscreen Alcohol Test strips allow me to have a glass and the assurance that my baby is not getting any alcohol. I have looked everywhere and this is the best price I can find.
Very helpful!
Brooke SC June 11, 2015
Love this little book! When you first have your baby, you're trying to keep track of everything and this handy little book helped keeping up with nursing and wet/dirty diapers much easier.
Great price, good product
Mlstone988 Coupeville, WA June 11, 2015
I am very happy with this product. I didn't want to have my first drink post pregnancy with out them. Fast results and like the box says gives you peace of mind. This was also the best price I could find so I bought 2 boxes :)
Tally Bellingham, WA May 6, 2015
These gel pads are awesome! I used them multiple times per day during the first couple of weeks of breastfeeding to help with sore nipples. The coolness was a lifesaver!
Couldn't be happier!
Tally Bellingham, WA May 5, 2015
I love my pump! Great unit, high quality and has variable speed/suction options. Also, love having the carry all bag and the cold storage pack is awesome. Definitely comes in handy when pumping on the go!
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