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No man feels good about learning he has low sperm count or "poor quality" sperm. Fortunately, you can do something about it easily, inexpensively and in the privacy of your own home. Fertility products for men, including home sperm test kits, can help improve sperm count, quality, motility—and even libido—at a fraction of the cost of fertility treatments.

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FertilAid for Men
CountBoost Sperm Count Supplement
MotilityBoost Sperm Motility Supplement
Fertility Blend for Men
As low as $26.65
(97 Reviews)
As low as $17.98
(21 Reviews)
Regular price: $27.95
(13 Reviews)
As low as $28.98
(22 Reviews)

FH Pro for Men
SpermCheck Fertility Test
ViriliTea Male Fertility Tea
FertileDetox Supplements for Women and Men
Regular price: $94.95
Regular price: $39.99
(70 Reviews)
As low as $16.98
(2 Reviews)
As low as $31.32
As low as $26.95
(4 Reviews)

Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant
Male-FactorPak Home Semen Collection Condom
Stork OTC Home Conception Device
Organic Maca Fertility Supplement
Regular price: $22.99
Sale price: $21.50
(702 Reviews)
Regular price: $14.50
(4 Reviews)
Regular price: $79.99
(2 Reviews)
Regular price: $15.95
(8 Reviews)

Royal Jelly Supplement for Fertility
CoQ10 for Supplement for Male and Female Fertility
As low as $13.32
(1 Review)
As low as $18.65

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Male Fertility Aids Reviews

So far great product!
Danielle Quebec February 18, 2016
The product as a lubricant is great. Similar to others. We are trying to conceive so it's nice knowing that this one is safe. We will see soon how well it works for TTC. :)
just started
Julius Jackson, Ms January 18, 2016
I have been having a more energy but nothing has happened yet I'll keep you updated.
Christa Chicago January 12, 2016
5 years of TTC I finally got my BFP!!!! Sending lots of baby dust to all the couples still TTC! Don't lose hope, and I wld highly HIGHLY recommend preseed, with the combination of vitex or fertilaid! My husband and I have been down a long stressful road and thanks to the help of preseed we finally are going to be parents! So excited for 2016! No question about it, this stuff WORKS!!! An so worth the cost!
Too Early to tell, but...
Chι United States December 15, 2015
I just started taking it, but it's definitely giving me energy.
amazing product
kendra Nashville tennessee December 5, 2015
I ordered ovulation kit and preseed and became pregnant the first month using them. I thank God for this product helping me on my.journey.
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