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Organic Maca for Fertilityview larger

Organic Maca for Fertility

by Fairhaven Health

1 - 1 units$14.95 each
2 - 2 units$13.97 each
3 - or more units$13.32 each
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Maca for Male and Female Fertility Enhancement

Indigenous to the mountains of Peru, Maca has a long and storied history as a reputed energy booster both sexual and otherwise. Legend has it that Incan farmers were the first to note the reproductive benefits of Maca, as manifested in the increased fertility of their livestock. Maca is reputed to benefit both male and female fertility. In men, Maca supplementation has been demonstrated in clinical studies to increase sperm motility, semen volume, and sperm count. It is also thought to increase male libido and overall sexual desire. In women, Maca is believed to encourage a favorable hormonal balance for achieving pregnancy and support libido.

Maca for Fertility Supplemental Facts

  • Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules of 500mg Maca powder a two-month supply

  • May be taken in conjunction with all other Fairhaven Health male and female fertility supplements

  • Contains only the highest quality, completely organic Maca root powder

  • May help increase sperm count, motility, and semen volume in men

  • May help normalize hormonal imbalance in women and encourage a favorable estrogen/progesterone ratio for achieving pregnancy

  • May increase libido and improve sexual function in both women and men

  • Made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility your guarantee of quality manufacturing!
Organic Maca for Fertility
3.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Chicago, Illinois
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not sure I feel it
March 21, 2014
I started to take recommended dosage but I did not feel any change. After looking on line I found out that recommended dosage for women is about 2000 mg so I increased my dosage. Now I probably start to feel a little boost in my energy but mostly I feel more calm (maca is supposed to balance your hormones). No changes in libido and I have no idea if is helping boost my fertility. I reccomend it simply because everyone is different and it takes different amount of time and dosage to assess any pros and cons. However for the price is worth to try it.

Calgary, Alberta
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product!
October 20, 2013
Great product! Heard a lot of good things about it. My husband and I both used for 3 months and we feel a lot better sexually. Not pregnant yet bit we do feel that this has helped with trying to conceive.
Only 1 pill per day, organic, smell of pills, and price is decent

bay area, ca
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 16, 2013
Me and my fiancee have been taken the pill for almost 3weeks, and the change I know isboth of are sex ddrive is higher then normal, by next month I should more news of the fertility part, I haven't noticed just yet if its working in that area.
Good for better sex
Has a very nasty taste, and smell

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

So far so good
June 27, 2013
No crazy side effects