Gifts for New Moms

Gifts for Pregnant WomenPregnancy Store's Gift Guide for New Moms has great ideas she'll love. More than a dozen gifts for pregnant moms, new mothers and babies below $75.

She's doing some hard work growing a baby! Show the pregnant woman in your life how much you care about her and appreciate what she's going through with gifts that will make her feel loved and valued as a new mom.

From stocking stuffers to baby showers, push presents to Mother's Day gifts, find gift ideas she's sure to use and appreciate.

Browse through our gift ideas for pregnant women, new moms and babies below. Also check out some of our other gift lists for even more ideas.

Gifts for New Moms from Her Husband

Silver Teething Ring Necklace
A symbol of family, the circle is why we wear wedding bands when we marry. The Sterling Silver Teething Necklace is a perfect 'push present' for you to give your wife as a way to symbolize your growing and lasting commitment to her and your family together. Made to last for generations, and designed to be a safe teether when baby is a few months older, the teething bracelet is a timeless, elegant way to show her how beautiful she is to you as a mother.

Silver Teething Ring Necklace, $179

Gifts for the New Mother Who Skipped Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Essentials Kit
Many moms-to-be are so focused on "baby, baby, baby" that they have blinders on when it comes to breastfeeding that baby. This author, for one, skipped the hospital breastfeeding class, thinking "nursing comes naturally," and was in for a big surprise when the time came to feed her newborn. If you know someone like this, too, do her a HUGE favor and give her the Breastfeeding Essentials Kit. Included are: super-soft, reusable Milkies Softies Nursing Pads; lanolin-free nipple cream; nursing tea; and daily multivitamins specially formulated for nursing moms. Everything is made to tend to the painful nipples, fatigue, and worries over breast milk supply that she doesn't even know yet that she's going to have.

Breastfeeding Essentials Kit, $58

Gifts for New Moms with a Short Maternity Leave

Shrinkx Hips Ultra Postpartum Belt
A powerful woman at work has a powerful wardrobe. Help her get back into her pre-pregnancy c-suite attire by gifting her the Shrinkx Hips Ultra Postpartum Belt. During pregnancy, feet get wider, hands and ankles swell, and during childbirth, the hips stretch apart and widen. If she's ever going to return to her pre-pregnancy power suits, she has a six-week window after birth to get her hips back to where they were, and a postpartum compression belt for the hips is how she does it. Even if she doesn't take her full six weeks off, she can wear the belt under clothes and help shrink her way back into her office A-game.

Shrinkx Hips Ultra Postpartum Belt, $49.99

Gift for the New Mom's Night Out

Milkscreen Test Strips
Most women abstain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy and after baby arrives, they look forward to their occasional drink of choice. But if she's breastfeeding, she's probably confused about how to sensibly drink alcohol and feed her baby. Take the guesswork out of it and give her a box or two of Milkscreen Test Strips that detect alcohol in breastmilk. No matter if her drink of choice is a glass of red wine, a dark beer or a martini, she'll be ready to raise a glass and celebrate her first night out after baby without worry.

Milkscreen Test Strips for Alcohol in Breastmilk, $14.99

Gifts for the New Mom into Attachment Parenting

Milkscreen Test Strips
If she has a dog-eared and highlighted copy of the Sears' The Baby Book, a co-sleeper on her baby registry, or looks horrified at the suggestion to let baby "cry it out," then she's planning on babywearing. Her favorite new mommy accessory will be the adjustable Hotsling. A baby sling carrier that combines adjustability with a sling pouch, the Hotsling lets all of baby's caregivers go hands-free. Changing the fit of the Hotsling from caregiver to caregiver is easy by pulling or releasing the shoulder buckles. Complete instructions for multiple carrying positions and safety are included.

Hotsling AP Baby Sling, $64.95

For the First-Time Pregnant Mom

Belly Belt Combo Kit
Anyone who's been pregnant before knows how awkward the first months are when your pants don't quite fit but you're not big enough to shop for full-blown maternity pants. You'll notice the first-time mom is having this problem when you see her wearing yoga pants every day. Help her through this first-time, first trimester phase with the Belly Belt Combo Kit. From the time she announces her pregnancy until the time baby is weaned, she'll be able to use this kit to help all of her pants and skirts stay up and fit properly.

Belly Belt Combo Kit, $19.95

For Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy Body Pillow
Let us let you non-pregnant-partners in on a little secret: this gift suggestion will help you almost as much as it helps her! When your wife is pregnant, you're asked to do a lot of things: rub feet, fetch ice cream, paint the nursery, take birthing classes, and watch helplessly as she bursts into tears while watching car insurance commercials. You may also be asked to give up your pillow—or even your side of the bed—as she tosses and turns and tries to get comfortable. The Pregnancy Body Pillow is a specially designed sleep aid to support her pregnant body and help her comfortably fall asleep and stay asleep. She'll be so grateful for the better night's rest, and we bet you will, too.

Pregnancy Body Pillow, $55.95

For the "I'm-Finally-Pregnant!" Mom

AngelSounds Fetal Doppler
More than 14 percent of women today have difficulty getting pregnant. For the woman who's experienced a miscarriage, fertility treatments or other challenges with conceiving, give her the gift of peace of mind with the AngelSounds Fetal Doppler. As early as 14 weeks into her new pregnancy, she'll be able to listen to baby's heartbeat at home-a priceless reassurance that all is well. The easy-to-use Doppler even allows her to record the heartbeat and send it to family members—a great way for a deployed military dad to get to experience his wife's pregnancy!

AngelSounds Fetal Doppler, $32.99

For the Pregnant Mom Who Has Everything

Labor & Delivery Gown
Some women just take all the fun out of pregnancy gift-giving because they're so thorough, so organized, and such fabulous shoppers themselves that they seem to already have everything they need for baby's arrival. Diaper bag? She's got one. Breast pump? All set. Baby swing? Check. Crib sheets? She has them washed and on the crib. No matter how much she already has, we bet she hasn't yet picked up a Labor & Delivery Gown. The mother-to-be who has everything should have her own birthing gown for her hospital or birth center stay. Hospital gowns are not only notoriously ugly and revealing, but wearing them is also associated with higher anxiety—not what the mom in labor needs to feel on her birth day! Pretty Pushers Labor & Delivery Gowns are available in hot pink, basic black and "I Dream of Sushi" (pictured).

Labor & Delivery Gown, $46

For Her Pregnant Beauty

Knocked Up Nails
She's had to give up so many things throughout her pregnancy—from sushi and brie to wine and her favorite shoes. But some parts of being pregnant are delights, especially her vibrant hair and stronger, longer fingernails. Imagine her dismay, however, when she learns that nearly all brands of nail polish contains toxins that are carcinogenic and can interfere with reproductive hormones. To her rescue, give her a bottle or two (or more!) of Knocked Up Nails nail polish. This is better-than-spa-quality nail polish made for safe use by pregnant women. Her weekly manicure? One less thing she has to give up for her pregnancy thanks to you and Knocked Up Nails.

Knocked Up Nails, assorted colors, $9.99

Gifts for the Pregnant Woman with Cold Feet

Labor Socks
Is the pregnant mom in your life excited about the upcoming birth? More likely, she's scared. Or, at least feeling in the dark or a little bit anxious. What better stocking stuffer for a pregnant woman soon to give birth than these cute stockings? Labor Socks are comfy, soft, warm and non-slip for her trip to the hospital or birthing center when it's time for baby to arrive. The soles read "Ready! Set! Push!" —just the bit of encouragement she needs. A hit at baby showers or any time, they're one size fits most. Available in pink or blue.

Labor Socks, $9.99

Essential New Baby Gifts

Organic zzZipMe Sack
Throughout pregnancy, expectant parents hear, "sleep now, because you won't after baby arrives." Sure, some babies really do struggle to sleep through the night, but most babies are able to sleep 8-12 hours nightly when they have a regular bedtime routine and a comfy, warm, cozy sleep environment. Give the new baby the gift of a good night's sleep (what a gift for the parents, too!) with the Organic zzZipMe Sack. Made of incredibly soft, organic cotton flannel, this sleep sack helps babies feel secure and enveloped in warmth-perfect for promoting a night of good sleep. Available in 3-6 month size and 6-9 month size.

Organic zzZipMe Sack, $44

Trendy New Baby Gifts

Amber Teething Necklace
Lately, it seems every new baby is wearing an Amber Teething Necklace. Well, as with all things, eventually what's old becomes new again. An old world baby care tradition was to putting a necklace of raw or polished amber on a new baby to reduce colic, diaper rash and teething pain. While there's no scientific evidence to support this practice, new parents from New York to Los Angeles swear by the results.

Amber Teething Necklace, $24.95

New Baby Gift for Across the Miles

Welcome Home Baby Gift Set
Living 3,000 miles away from a new baby in the family is such a drag. You're not there to see what the new parents really need in terms of gadgets, you know they are up to their ears in onesies and 0-3 month clothes from the baby shower, the 6-9 month clothes aren't the right season for you to buy now, and you don't want to duplicate toys. And worst of all, you're not there to hold and cuddle the new baby! The next best thing to giving the new baby a bath, changing the new baby's diaper, and playing with the new baby's toes and fingers is the Welcome Home Baby Gift Set. With paraben-free diaper cream, baby shampoo and lotion, send a bundle of love and pampering to the new baby and parents; it's all wrapped and ready for your gift message.

Welcome Home Baby Gift Set, $29.99

Celebrity-Style New Baby Gifts

Ultimate Swaddle Blanket
With all the photos being snapped of the new baby, present baby to the paparazzi wrapped in a SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Swaddle Blanket. Designed to make swaddling easier for parents, this swaddle blanket is extra-large and made of cotton flannel-so it's the right size and thickness for swaddling and holding together. Plus, each blanket has swaddling instructions sewn onto the seam! The fresh, stylish designs make these blankets irresistible to celebrity moms-that's why they're photographed taking babies out and about in SwaddleDesigns all the time. What's good enough for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's babies should be good enough for yours, right?

Ultimate Swaddle Blanket, $25.00