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Home Fetal Monitor by BabyCom

by Babycom (1 unit)

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Home Fetal Monitor by BabyCom

Listen to your baby’s heart at home, anytime!

Imagine the intimacy and bonding experience of hearing your unborn baby’s heartbeat. And imagine the comfort and peace-of-mind you’ll realize from listening to your baby grow and knowing all is well.

With the BabyCom Fetal Monitor, you can share the sound of a heartbeat in the privacy of your home. Using the same fetal Doppler technology as your doctor, the BabyCom allows you to monitor fetal heartbeat, verify your baby’s heart rate, ensure fetal wellness, and, best of all, bond with your baby even before he or she is born.

The BabyCom Monitor is an FDA-approved home device used to listen to what goes on in the womb during your pregnancy. Similar to the Doppler monitor at your doctor’s office, you simply apply a gel to your belly and place the tip of the BabyCom monitor on your skin: The BabyCom registers shifts in frequency and accurately converts ultrasound waves into the warm, audible sounds of a fetal heartbeat. You’ll also hear the whispering, “whooshing” sound of your womb that your baby experiences during your entire pregnancy.

Relieve stress and end worry while bonding with your unborn baby. And for parents who need to know (in the case of high-risk pregnancy), the BabyCom Fetal Monitor allows you to monitor fetal wellness at home so you can stay in touch with your doctor. From just the 12th week of pregnancy onward, feel the presence of your child while keeping time to your baby’s hear beat. Effortless to use, the BabyCom yields high-quality audio with unsurpassed clarity as well as an accurate digital display of fetal heart rate.

Listen to your baby’s heartbeat any place and anytime. And share the most precious moments of your pregnancy with loved ones.

BabyCom Fetal Heart Monitor: Instructions for Use

How BabyCom works: Just like the fetal monitor at many doctor offices, the BabyCom Monitor is based on Doppler shift science. When you place the tip of the transducer sensor on your belly, the BabyCom transmits very low ultrasonic wave forms that are reflected back to the sensor after the waves encounter fetal heartbeats. Because a baby’s heart rate is much faster than an adult’s, the heartbeat will have a brisk, galloping rhythm. A fetal heart rate can typically range from between 140 to 160 beats per minute.

The BabyCom is a complete kit – including base comprised of an audio system and an LCD screen that displays your baby’s heart rate. Connected to the base is a transducer sensor that is placed against your belly. And because ultrasound waves cannot move through the air, an ultrasound transmission gel is also included (the gel is spread on your skin just prior to use, just like at the doctor’s). The BabyCom safely runs on batteries.

Fetal Doppler

Using Your Fetal Heartbeat Monitor: The BabyCom can be used from the 12th week of pregnancy onward. The BabyCom Doppler should not be used in any way for diagnostic or medical purposes and is in no way a substitute for recommended prenatal care by your doctor or Ob/Gyn. IF you have questions about home fetal Doppler monitoring, your healthcare provider can provide additional support.

Step One: Effortless to use, you simply sit, relax, and let the BabyCom do all the work. Just find a comfortable sitting position on a table or platform for the BabyCom. Runs on batteries so it can be used anytime or anywhere.

Step Two: Apply a liberal amount of gel on the transducer sensor or the skin of your abdomen.

Step Three: Turn on the side-mounted roller switch and adjust the volume controle to the preferred level.

Step Four: Place the transducer against your belly, just above the symphysis pubis (the point where the two pelvic bones meet). Search for fetal heartbeats by slowly moving the handle across the surface of your abdomen. Tilt the handle slightly as you move the transducer sensor across and down the lower abdomen until fetal heart tones are heard. Adjust handle position to obtain optimal audio signal.

Step Five: Enjoy the experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat. Remember, the fetal heartbeat is about twice as fast as a maternal heartbeat (140 to 160 beats per minute). You will also be able to hear the rushing wind-like sound audible from the placenta – the sound your baby experiences throughout pregnancy (and is comforted by following birth when you emulate that loud shhhhhh-ing sound).

Once a clear fetal heart signal is established, BabyCom calculated the fetal heart rate and displays it on the LCD screen.

This device is regulated by the FDA and requires a prescription for purchase. Unsupervised use is not recommended.

You’ll receive your BabyCom Fetal Monitor in discreet packaging with no external indication of the contents (we use the return address of ONLINE STORE – Click Here to see an example of our packaging).

Home Fetal Monitor by BabyCom Highlights

  • Hear your baby's heartbeat and bond with him/her before you give birth

  • Doppler ultrasound technology

  • FDA approved

  • Monitor fetal wellness at home in cases of high-risk pregnancy

  • Ships in discreet packaging

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Home Fetal Monitor by BabyCom Customer Reviews

Home Fetal Monitor by BabyCom
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Kansas City, MO
5 Stars

Well woth it!!
February 16, 2008
I used this from 12 weeks on and wouldn't recommend anything else! The quality is awesome and the price couldn't be beat!! Plus, it's got a display which increases the price on rentals. This price would pay for about 3 months to rent and you can keep this one for all of your pregnancies as well as your friends!! What fun it is to hear that beautiful sound!!

Mary B
Newark, NJ
4 Stars

Pretty good for the price
December 1, 2007
Sound isn't as clear as what we hear in the obgyn's office it's still pretty good. It takes a while to find the heartbeat but it gets easier with practice. All in all I would recommend this product as you can't beat the price. Not sure what you get for the $500-$600 models but at the end of the day we just want to hear our baby's heartbeat.

Orinda, CA
5 Stars

It really works! :)
November 30, 2007
If you're thinking about renting or getting one the more expensive models I'd give this one a try first. It may not have all the bells and whistles but it worked just as described for us. We did a lot of research and were frankly a little concerned given the relatively low price tag but we're 100% satisfied. This will be our last child (we think!) but we plan on giving to some friends who are TTC right now.