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When you need to track your cycle closely, you need the right tools to get the best results. Use our fertility monitors and basal thermometers with confidence for fertility charting because they provide accurate, unambiguous results—even with irregular or long monthly cycles. Find your best chances to conceive!

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OvaCue Fertility Monitor
OvaCue Mobile Fertility Monitor
TempCue Basal Body Temperature Kit
TempCue BBT Temperature (Sensor Only)
Regular price: $399.00
Sale price: $349.00
(17 Reviews)
Regular price: $299.00
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Regular price: $79.95
Regular price: $24.95

ibasal Digital Basal Thermometer
Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Test
Clearblue Fertility Monitor Test Sticks
Digital Basal Thermometer
Regular price: $69.95
Sale price: $49.95
(5 Reviews)
Regular price: $34.95
Sale price: $27.95
(117 Reviews)
Regular price: $54.95
Sale price: $29.95
(71 Reviews)
Regular price: $11.95
Sale price: $8.95
(150 Reviews)

Mercury-Free Glass Basal Thermometer
Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar Wheel
Regular price: $22.95
Sale price: $21.95
(32 Reviews)
Regular price: $6.95
(14 Reviews)

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Reviews of Fertility Monitors & Basal Thermometers

Not great but it works
Heidi Winnipeg, MB March 30, 2016
Hard to focus and hard to tell wtf you're looking at, except for that same hair that seems to always be there no matter how many times you clean the lens, however, I totally saw "ferning" the other day after fiddling around with the focusing, and the nerd in me got all excited about science. Don't know if I would rely on it as much as the ovulation pee-sticks because sometimes you just wonder if your saliva sample wasn't done right or if you just aren't focusing properly, but the pros are when you have a super irregular cycle you don't have to go through so many sticks.
Not backlit, but works!
Jessica Everett, WA February 15, 2016
This thermometer is nice, especially for the price. I forgot to check when I purchased it to see if it was backlit, so I was surprised when I got it and tried to use it the first morning, in the darkness when I wake up (a few hours before my husband does), and wasn't able to see it. I didn't want to turn on any lights either, because of not wanting to wake the husbie. However, since it has the feature of recalling your last reading, all you have to do is turn it on, count to three, put it under your tongue, and wait for it to give the 4 beeps letting you know that it's finished. Then, when you get up, you can hold down the power button to review what the results were. I think it should be more up front that it isn't going to be visible in the darkness (hence the 4 stars) since there are other options that have that feature, but it's great for the price.
Exactly what was promised
Maggie S. Denver, CO November 3, 2015
Thermometer takes a bit of time to calculate temperature but accuracy is more important than time. Works great!
Better than drugstore
LT Baltimore October 6, 2015
I was using a BBT thermometer from the drug store with mixed results. I know my temps are kind of erratic, but felt like they were way more all over the place than they should be. Could've been that it was a piece of junk, could of been because my cat really enjoyed knocking it off of the nightstand, who knows. Either way, I decided I needed a new one and read like every review on every BBT thermometer ever. I went with this one because, overall, it seemed the most trusted. And I think it's a good thermometer, it seems like it's probably more accurate than the drugstore brand and it's easy to use....But I kind of wish I had gone with a different one that had a back light, even if it wasn't as highly reviewed. It's a huge pain to try to read the temp in the dark. I have to use the flashlight on my phone, which at 5am looks like the burning of a million suns, or a little flash light, which is slightly less disturbing, but a P in the A none the less. Maybe it's just because it takes me so long for my eyes to adjust to be able to read the temp...but a back light would make this SO MUCH BETTER, The ability to read the last temperature is definitely necessary, but it's easy to do, so that's good. The one other issue I have is that it takes a reeeeally long time. Several times I've thought...did it turn off? is it not working?! And right when I'm about to take it out of my mouth it beeps...loudly...it feels longer than 2 or 3 minutes most of the time. Minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning. The beeping doesn't seem to be loud enough that it wakes my husband, but it's prrreeetttty loud. So, I would recommend this over anything you can buy at the drugstore, but I definitely think there's still room for improvement.
Good BBT Thermometer
Courtney Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 29, 2015
I had to replace my old BBT thermometer, and found this while shopping for OPKs. This is a great thermometer! It does the job, and I love that you can hold the on/off button to see your last temp in case you're a little groggy in the morning like me. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product!
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